Thursday, April 30, 2015

White Genocide in Progress, Self-Hating White Liberals Pitch In

By Mel Goyson

Thanks liberals. The country has gone from 91 percent white to 60 percent white since I was born. The media tells you law and order is the problem and we should be sensitive to psychotic negro mobs of looters. They will destroy everything before they are done, and stupid white sluts will mate with them and produce Morlock babies for the use of the Jews.

MLK was commie fiend. They don't teach you this about him, but he was. He was a Jew-tool, controlled with booze, drugs, and prostitutes. The Jewish media turned him into a hero, and many of us bought it. We never heard the background of the communist story, so who can blame us. We didn't know about the Holodomor and other killing committed by communists. And so, we watched the Chinese communist flag raised in Washington, D.C., and were just a bit confused when a statue to MLK was erected that was the work of a Chinaman. We vaguely considered our vast debt to China. Was this all related somehow?

We didn't know that Jews invented communism as part of a scheme to take over the world, stealing from the white Christian race that they have despised and plotted against for thousands of years. Besides, white people are more capable of idealism than any other people. We go out of our way to help other races to the detriment of our own. We are turned against our parents and sold depravity, liberalism, and tolerance for disgusting perversions.

If we're lucky, we grow up one day and realize the hideous world we've helped create.What kind of America will be left for our children in this wasteland of liberal darkness and dastardly diversity? Do you think that those looters respect the white civilization, as they burn it to the ground, sanctioned by the mayor? These negroes are insane animals, and our police have been put in a position where they can do nothing about this issue. Instead, the media is informing the public that the police are the issue.

Rosa Parks was in that school with MLK. That whole seat on a bus stunt was a performance to fool the public. The USA at that time was a much more orderly place. The cities of America are a nightmare now, Detroit having become the dwelling place of zombies. While Baltimore erupts in chaos, Jade Helm reminds Texans that the DHS has targeted white Christians who believe in traditional values. The DHS and CAIR, the Center for American Islamic Relations, have formed an alliance, just as in Europe, Muslims are being herded into white countries to cause division.

It is also noteworthy that an earthquake and a hurricane heralded the opening of the MLK monument, showing Yahweh's disapproval.

Judaism is behind these things in America. And if you sit still and pretend it's all reality TV that won't eventually crawl into your living room, you are sorely mistaken. This is part of an old plan, being enacted in the USA and in Europe, to replace the white race with blacks and Asians. And it won't stop until you stop them It is up to you, white man, to band together with your brethren and start the white resistance.

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