Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler--The Man Who Didn't Love Big Brother

It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled. - Mark Twain (paraphrased)

Adolf Hitler is perhaps the most lied about man in history.

I am still recovering from my childhood USA brainwashing, that had once convinced me that Hitler was not even human. Hitler is becoming more and more a shining light and inspiration to my days in this dark period of American history.

Germans and other Europeans tell me similar things as their countries are destroyed by multiculturalism, promoted by Zionists. Some say there are shrines to Hitler in many homes, and they fear the Jews plan to destroy all white Europeans before too many of them wake up.

The key to this horrific power the Jew wields over the "goyim" is their international bankster apparatus, the media, and political bribery. This enables them to threaten the existence of all nations, institutions, and people that do not pay tribute to the New World Order engendering Jew.

There is something Jews can't do. But Hitler could communicate the truth to people directly into their souls. I have always had this deep-seated belief, that I've often had to hide from the world and myself, that people have the capacity to hear the truth.

How is it I had to hide such a thing in a "free" country? Well, I was indoctrinated early on to understand that certain subjects are taboo, and that certain opinions of my parents were "old fashioned", "prejudiced", and unenlightened, because the Jewish indoctrination camps called public schools drilled me into this thinking at an impressionable age. I was, like many, set at odds with my heritage, in a family that was shattered by women's liberation, making me more susceptible to the state's indoctrination via the press and Hollywood, all controlled by the Jew.

I was born into a world where my opinions were of interest to the Jews, who wanted to make sure I had the idea that the white race was a problem, and really, who cares if it stopped existing one day. I was transformed into a "self-hating white" without my realizing it, thinking that my forefathers were racist and full of blind hate that was an unfortunate side effect of a patriarchal culture that was the root of all evil. For the longest time, I thought I should actually fight against anything that smacked of patriarchy and white racism or Nazism, as these were the most abhorrent features of my culture.

I can't blame people for falling into the same trap that I did, because I did not have the knowledge to see what was behind it until much later, thanks to the uncontrolled flow of information on the internet. The Jews have made a science of infiltrating cultures and selling such ideas in order to seize hold of other nations and peoples. They were forced to do this as a matter of survival, since they have been repeatedly ejected from nations throughout the centuries, and even learned how to use such "pogroms" to their advantage in order to return to those countries knowing who the strongest "goyim" were that they could then eliminate by subterfuge.

 Jews also realized they could use sympathy as a weapon, and as a shield against criticism. This weapon has found its peak in the Holocaust lies by which the Jews have overturned the white nations of the world, now controlling their governments to such a degree that the white constituencies of these nations are the enemy of these government which are working tirelessly to replace white people with immigrants while encouraging the remaining white people to interbreed with other races to end the "white problem".

Meanwhile, the fact that Jews are the biggest butchers in history is hardly even mentioned except on the internet by people who are quickly labelled anti-semitic. The fact that the fear of such things motivated the Germans to embrace Hitler is also shielded from public scrutiny.

Having come to these realizations from diligent research, and much censure from even family and friends, I am now still passing through waves of anger and indignation wondering how it is I can better be of service to my race and the other enslaved peoples of the world.

And so, to me, Hitler is a sort of saint of such a mission, whose courage, strength of will, ability to communicate with clarity, charisma, and adherence to truth continue to move me deeply.  And the fact that other white nations went to war with Hitler, when we should have been on his side, is a thorn in my heart.

I realize that by hating Hitler I was loving Big Brother, and I refuse to love Big Brother, ever again. George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is, I believe, a warning about the Jew. Orwell was careful not to make this too obvious in his book, because he knew it would never get published if he did.

As an American, you may have noticed how much surveillance we are under, and how much our heritage is under attack. Obama declared us a "nation of immigrants" while granting illegal immigrants special privileges. Immigrants get offended at the American flag in schools, and they are taken down.  And, in our schools, our Founding Father's are portrayed as some kinds of crook, the facts of the Jewish role in the slave trade never mentioned, while the Constitution is vilified by association with "white privilege".

Perhaps you notice that our intelligence agencies never catch Jews up to no good. No doubt, you've become aware that the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is finally starting to get into the public awareness, despite decades of propaganda about the invasion of Palestinian land being somehow an act of self-defense.

Everyone is trained like Pavlovian monkeys to jump to the defense of Jews, and throw lies about white crime in your face, in order to maintain their love of Big Brother. It is nothing less than Stockholm Syndrome to continue to defend the Jews who rip us off with the Federal Reserve and IRS, which are unconstitutional, and get us into wars under false pretenses with media lies, and stir up anger among the blacks against white racism while neglecting to mention the inordinate amount of interracial crime that is black on white, including thousands of rapes of white women yearly.

And so, in the interest of reversing such a horrific reality, I have put my heart and mind toward the preservation and regeneration of my people, and for the freedom of all peoples being plundered, under the guise of "democracy", by the international Jewish bankster criminal cabal. Somehow, the information necessary to free minds must flow.

You have a right to the truth.

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