Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Curse on All Enemies of the White Race

Being a people capable of greatness
in many areas we have been great
in our tolerance of the lesser peoples
and I am not saying lesser races
but lesser peoples
who envy the white race
instead of being secure in their race
that have flooded our nations
in search of a plunder and practicing rape
enabled by our governments which have sold
out to the Jew and we have done
this in part because of our love
for order but also in part because
of the slavish willful ignorance
of those of us who still felt comfortable
in their pampered lives enough
to judge dimly the correct vision
of the lower white classes in their understanding
of the lesser races that they were forced
to live among and therefore knew better
the race traitor whites told themselves
that they were educated enlightened
and believed in progress
but they will understand too late
that progress is code for the destruction
of white civilization and the white race
although Jewish college professors
openly admit this is the goal
that they cherish and Jewish Bolsheviks
in the past practiced genocide
of the white Christian race openly
and systematically and in a manner
far exceeding that which the Jewish
liars later accused Hitler of committing
upon the Jews in order to cover
for their crimes and silence criticism
as they carried out their New World Order
anti-life anti-nature schemes
if you hate the white race
your inferiority is showing
especially if you are feeding
off the white race for survival
those who are secure in their non-whiteness
do not hate the white race
nor do they seek to supplant or feed
off the white race
they are grateful for what the white
race has provided the world
and they want to cooperate
in the future progress that the technologically
astute white race can provide
if no longer subdued by Jewish usury
and the creation of fifth columns
in white nations aimed at white genocide
or civil race wars by which the Jew
thinks to profit
this calamity must be undone
and so it will be undone
and that means all enemies
of the white race
shall be once and forever
finally destroyed
and their plans shall
be a lament in their minds
and these see before them
the annihilation of their false hopes
of being like unto the white man
for there are none like unto
the white man
and the white man
as every other race
has its place and its strengths
and these have been ordered
by operations beyond the control
of the Jew or any human power
and the pathways
shall be made straight
either by consent or conquest
it shall be so

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