Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making War with the Jew--A Primer for White People

“Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Abodah Zara 26b (crazy Jew Talmud)

By Wally White

You may, if you live in a white country, have noticed there is a major drive to make your country no longer a white country in the form of a massive injection of immigrants pushed by your Jew puppet politicians. This is genocide against the white race, orchestrated by Jews, and that means war. And, dammit, we will bring it to them. If you haven't noticed these things: research, research, research.

Even Louis Farrakhan, who is much fonder of black people, gets it and tries to warn you

In order to make war with the Jew, you will have to understand the nature of the Jew, and understand what really makes the Jew crazy. Also, you will have to man the fuck up and be willing to sacrifice for the future of your race. Here are MANY REASONS why you can be sure that the Jews are destroying white western civilization on purpose.

For some, such a commitment is daunting, and it is not for everyone to take a leadership role in this sort of endeavor. If you are a European, you can easily face jail time depending on how you address the issue. If you are an American, you can take more chances, for now. But, even in America, the Jew is and has been capable of wreaking havoc on the lives of those who seek to expose and destroy Jewish supremacism  In my time studying this topic, I've seen that people suddenly find out they no longer own things, they get hit with tax charges, they get lambasted in the press, they may get "randomly" assaulted, and you might find out a "friend" of yours is actually a Jew spy.

And don't be violent, that is strictly counterproductive, unless you are forced to defend your person in a direct physical assault. Even then, a Christ-like turning of the cheek is often the strongest rebuke.

Life's a bitch, and she's in heat. You will have to be strong. If you are going to be a big voice, which I hope and pray you will be!, it's gonna be hot. You will have to take it. Because you are gonna get it. But you also have to be smart, and do it right. And keep yourself honest, legal, and connected to good people as much as possible.

If you aren't a big voice, you may avoid any consequences other than people talking behind your back. Avoid using workplace emails or other communication devices to propagate the message. Keep it friendly. Maybe you are just going to help your friends understand. But this is important! Don't let them die with their minds drowned out by cheap beer, porn, and football. Remember, they've been indoctrinated into spying on each other without realizing it. They can't help it, because they actually think they're doing the right thing. However, as long as you don't advocate violence, there is no reason for major shockwaves to result. Edge them toward the harsh light of reality they've been avoiding.

Also, throw out your god damned TV unless you just want to see what the Jew is up to, because the TV is the Jew hypnosis device.

This is, in fact, the greatest problem the world has yet faced. Hopefully, the fact that you'd read a blog called "National Socialisms", mean you don't need me to baby step you through the basics too much, but I will a bit. The Jews are very powerful, have seemingly unlimited resources, are using the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a guidebook for control, and think that they are above criticism. You should, of course, educate yourself thoroughly, read the Protocols, see how they are functioning in society, know where the Jews are entrenched, and have a memorized list of Jewish crimes you can call upon in a debate. You need your own "Protocols", in other words. The USS Liberty, Rothschild Zionism, the  Lavon Affair, Palestinian genocide, Holodomor, and Karl Marx's Jewishness are great places to start.
And, especially remember, all wars are banker wars, which means they are gentiles killing gentiles while funded by the Jew to weaken the gentiles and enrich themselves! That is part of their scam, and it is covered over by the control of literature, the press, cinema and politics. Understand how the banking scam works, at least the basics.

The winner writes history, and the winner has been bankers for a while now. So, history is a giant mess, go figure.

You need to especially get past this idea that the white race deserves to be destroyed, for any reason. You will hear things like: "it's natural", "if they're that dumb they deserve it", "don't you know we are all one race?", "race is just a color", and "what can anyone do about it anyway? everyone knows, but there's nothing you can do".

All of these things are excuses to stultify action. There is nothing natural about an orchestrated injection of immigrants into a nation by a people who can be identified (JEWS). There is also nothing natural about an indoctrination program aimed at the children of white people that was injected into their schools, onto TV (Sesame Street, Disney), into movies (Hollywood is 100 percent Jew), into political speeches and doctrine (AIPAC, a Jew lobby, forces all politicians to be Jew-friendly), into our legal system (hate crimes are treated as automatically worse than crime crimes to intimidate white insurgents), and coursing through our once freethinking university systems.

The fact that white people have been criminalized in their own countries is an outrage, and constitutes one of the biggest crimes of the millennia, if not the biggest, because, as a white person, to me it is the biggest, and should be to you unless you have no pride.

But the white race should have all the pride. The white race created Western civilization and, as they assault white people, JEWS destroy said civilization. There is no pride in this.

It is important to realize that such an intense level of propaganda campaigning on the part of the JEW is much too much for young, impressionable minds to handle, and that they were purposefully turned against their parents (most obviously during the 60s "revolution" in the USA) to deny the cultural foundations of their country in order to allow the JEW to rewrite their idea of a culture onto the white culture. Therefore, many young whites are walking around in a JEW BUBBLE with no idea who they are anymore.

And why the hell are JEWS telling you what to think and say in a free WHITE COUNTRY???

It is up to you to pop that JEW BUBBLE before their minds shrink to death in there (or, even worse, start mating with other races). Therefore, you have to trick them into realizing that they are kidding themselves when they say something utterly idiotic like "all races are the same". This can usually be addressed by asking them if they'd honestly feel equally comfortable in a black or latino neighborhood as they do in their little pampered homes (because usually it's the still comfortable white people who believe this stupid shit). They may actually have no idea what the difference is. Offer to take them into a black neighborhood and help them get it. Take them to an especially dangerous area and see if they lock their doors or not.

Then, have lots of statistics and talking points on hand. Tell them about Jewish ownership of the media, Hollywood, etc. Tell them about how blacks rape whites and the reverse hardly ever happens. Tell them about how many blacks kill their white girlfriends and wives (I actually had a friend who married a black man who beat her to death with a baseball bat and left her body with the kids--she wasn't discovered for three days).

If your target is a straight guy, casually drop the word "fag" or "negro" into the conversation to gauge their reactions. Try to get them to kid around about gays and race. With any luck, they will soon find themselves enjoying this. Point out that the Jewish media has been helping to smear people who have gotten fired because of racist jokes, including cops, and that they're being replaced by immigrants (yes, this is actually happening). Now that they've committed the same thought crime, they will relate to this information.

Ask them if they feel comfortable with immigrants being the police. If they're still with you, point out that there's an agenda to replace all white people with immigrants and other races. Remind them that Obama called us all a "nation of immigrants" right before pushing immigration reform and welcoming diseased mongrel hordes into our nation.

If they start saying "I'm not racist" or calling you a racist in a less than highly defensive manner, tell them that you aren't racist, but you think people should be racially aware. Say that color blindness is just blindness, and ask how can blindness, a disability, be a good thing? In fact, the Jew has made heroes of people such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, who in fact were communists, and trained in this thinking by the Jews. Martin Luther King was also controlled with drugs and women, then killed to make a martyr of him.


Point out that the Jewish media obsessed over whites making racist jokes, while you never hear about the incredible number of white women being raped by black assailants. Does the Jewish media thereby encourage the rape of the women of our race? Doesn't that make you mad?

Back in the day, people got hung in a tree for rape. This was a community effort to promote justice and the health of the community. If you look at pictures of lynching, you can see the relief of the people is quite evident. They should be happy. They just killed a scumbag, and no one paid taxes to the JEW. Despite all the forensic science in the world, the justice system sucks, and everyone knows it. Have we really progressed? But the Jew media endlessly will resort to the horror of lynching myth to distract you from the much greater horror of white genocide.

Remember, the Jew conquers by gradualness. You have to know history and see how the Jews have molded it. 

Now, if you, as a white man or woman, are aware of these things, and know about the white genocide, how can you afford to be silent? Are you going to cling to your possessions and imaginary security while your race gets harassed, belittled, intimidated and destroyed by commie Jew tricks!? If you want to know where this sort of thing goes, just look at South Africa. That's the USA in about 30 years for you, because Jews have a history of killing white people off in large numbers, and did it under communism in the Soviet Union, and said they would do it again.

This is very real, and with white people walking around in JEW BUBBLES it is very deadly. Always remember their minds have been assaulted and there are many springs and catches set up inside to stop your from touching their deeper selves with truth and reality. However, even if you just clear the way for the next level of truth that they will achieve, you have done a good thing. Don't get discouraged when white people refuse to listen or shoot you down. You have lowered their resistance to the next go round. Remember--they are being pummeled with JEW BULLSHIT around the clock, BUT a little bit of truth can screw up a whole lot of lies. Their power is a house of cards and you are the big, bad wolf. But, after you blow down one house, there may be several more to go before you get to indulge in the bacon of victory. But remember, you refuse to be bullshitted to death by the Jew or to allow the Jew to heap manure on the beautiful white race!

Also, know and direct them to the facts about the Holohoax. This is the keystone of the archway which keeps the JEW BULLSHIT from caving in.  If you can get them to think about that, honestly, they are probably going to pop awake sooner or later. Especially if you can maintain a friendly relationship with them. If they have curiosity, you can nudge them toward reality. Show them something that questions the official story but don't declare THIS IS TRUTH. Instead, say you don't know what to make of it, and ask their opinion. Let them inform you of what you already know.

And expect to screw up. You probably will. You've been targeted by JEW BULLSHIT, too. You may have to reflect and introspect repeatedly. One thing that may help here is a God concept that is not Judeo-Christian. Realize that Jesus is almost certainly not a Jew, and that Jews are not the chosen people, but are fakers, using the Jewish identity itself as a weapon. There is, in fact, a school of thought that the white race is the lost tribes of Israel, which has a lot of scriptural backing.

Hopefully, there is enough here to get you going if you are someone who is Jew-wise but still uncertain about  what to do next. Always watch others who are speaking out. David Duke and Dr. Kevin Macdonald are good ones to watch. David Duke always gets hit with "former KKK" labels. I fear he gets on the media just because they can hit him with that, but, despite this, his message is true, and his website and videos are plumb full of useful facts. Realize that calling someone a name or mentioning a wrong from their past does not nullify the truth, nor do two wrongs make a right.
Here is a helpful pyramid to instill good debate premises into you.

Eustace Mullins and John Kaminsky are also good to read, as well as Martin Luther, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, David Irving, and Ernst Zundel. I personally really enjoy the message of James Wickstrom. John Lash offers another perspective.

From what I've seen, Jews really hate William Luther Pierce, who is dead on.

And there's Bobby Fischer, a Jew calling out the Jews, as well as Benjamin Freedman.

Eventually, they will call a Jew a Jew, and, interestingly, Jews don't like being called Jews. Know why? Because Jewish pride is a myth and they know it, whereas white pride is based on reality and will save the world!

Now, if you got all that, go forth and make war, remembering that truth is an antibody that kills the JEW BULLSHIT virus. If not, review! Remember, you are going to cry whether you surrender or fight, so keep fighting. Every time you get knocked down, it is a learning experience and you will get up stronger. Be wise and don't take unnecessary risks, but take necessary risks and learn which are which. Ask yourself "Will this promote the message I am trying to promote?"

And may the road rise to meet you! And it will, because truth, justice, and honor are on your side. Expect difficulty, but also expect moments of inspiration, triumph, and vision beyond anything you can imagine if you take this path.

A vision for you--when the JEW BUBBLE pops!


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