Friday, April 24, 2015

Florida Senate Passes Evil Fracking Bill for Saudi Masters

David Mica, Lord of the Frackarinth

Thanks to "support" from the Saudi dark money bribing operationFlorida Petroleum Council, Florida senators were persuaded that voting to secretly poison the drinking water of Floridians so that foreign sheiks could get richer was a good idea. 

This according to an article yesterday in the Miami Herald, which may get edited.

 Florida Petroleum Council has for its lead David Mica, a cross-eyed, corporate nihilist who thinks that water is not a right and people should pay, dearly, for their brief stay upon this planet which is secretly owned and operated by deeply cloaked international bankster mafians. As evidence for this cloaking, Koch-brother controlled think tanks, with Collier family money thrown in,  helped to get bankster-owned operatives elected into office while crypto-Jew Dönmeh Saudis, who are fond of beheading and stoning women, bought out Church of Christ preachers to brainwash hapless gentiles into thinking they were being conservatives by backing the destruction of their own resources.

Foolishly Opposed Fracking

This was all spear-headed by the Bank of England which used Mossad agents to create the Deepwater Horizon false flag and thereafter to purchase lackeys in the form of "fines" overseen by wildly corrupt internationalist thug Eric Holder. These lackeys, including Herschel Vinyard, erstwhile head of the Florida DEP, were placed in states affected by the Deepwater Horizon false flag so that fracking would be more easily approved. This is all part of Agenda 21, a pseudo-environmentalist globalist operation which relies on the global warming myth, created by bought-out scientists, in order to present an appearance of good intentions while the American public is killed off so that the entire continent can be converted into a vast game preserve for the Bilderberg Group. This is even being enshrined in universities as part of the Earth Charter--a sinister program based on so-called "Infinite Principles", such as killing off the "best of the goyim" by proxy as the devil's cookbook, the Talmud, recommends.

After that, it gets complicated, but most long cons do. But it involves former SS, Turkish terrorists, Sayanim, sheister lobbyists, inbred British royals, archons, and homosexual sword swallowers (ok, that part is a joke, I think). Quite the mess!

As you can imagine, it took me over a year of research to get all this. In the meanwhile, I have been harassed, censored, and isolated, set up by intelligence operatives, and have developed strange joint pains. 

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