Sunday, April 19, 2015

Will Chicago be the Capital of the North American Union under Rahm Emanuel?

Rahm Emanuel Lights Giant Menorah in Front of White House

By Mel Goyson

It was revealed some time ago by several sources that there were planned to carve the planet up into 10 convenient pieces ruled over by the Jewish banker elite. Now, several events produce the possibility that the capital of the zone that will include the former USA will be in "Chicago".

The feds have been arming themselves while the New York Federal Reserve prepares to relocate to Chicago on the verge of an interest rate hike. This is in an atmosphere where the news has been stoking up a racist mania with an endless barrage of stories about white racist cops, white racist students, and white racist tweets, emails, and thoughts that are the supposed cause of all problems in the world. Meanwhile, the Chicago police department has begun hiring immigrants to replace the naughty white cops, as has Hawaii where lots of gold, stolen from the labor of white Americans, is supposedly hidden away.

And Rahm Emanuel, one of the top Jews, is mayor of Chicago, and a lover of immigration, diversity, and other forms of white genocide.

Will he be dubbed "Jew King of the North American Union"?

Sgt. Page explained this plan last year.

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