Thursday, April 16, 2015

Over-represented Jews are Offended at Underrepresented Whites

Time Wise (Jew) has no white friends
Despite being over-represented in key institutions all over America, often by as much as 47 times at Harvard for instance, Jews still have their media and spokespeople telling the population the problem is white privilege. And, despite the Jews being the biggest butchers in history, having killed at least 66,000,000 white Christians in the Soviet Union for instance, Jewish news and spokespeople are still telling blacks to get mad about a measly 1500 lynchings of rapists, murderers and child molesters.
Yes, it's not the Jews, Hitler was wrong. Jews sure iz some honest folk there, um hmmm.
And the Jews, despite having prompted WWI and WWII, according to the Jew whistleblower Benjamin Freedman, using their Jewish media (which seems to always be used to get people to be violent), the Jews still claim the moral high ground as they call white people racist supremacists while they play the races against each other. And stupid white people still think if the Jewish media says its true, it is, and any white people who don't believe the Jew media are evil, crazy, Nazi racist conspiracy theorists, or even worse, truthers, because there is nothing worse than truth.
That's the story so far. Tune in later for more hilarity.

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