Monday, April 20, 2015

I Advocate All Forms of White Resistance to the White Genocide--Shel Noodlebocker (卐)

By Shel Noodlebocker (卐)

When you're entire race has been targeted for extinction, you remember things like "all's fair in love and war". You might also remember Shakespearian quotes like "BID THEM ACHIEVE  ME AND THEN SELL MY BONES". Well, I would. But, anyway, white people--wake the hell up. A long range product of supplanting you from your place of being in charge of your own countries and your own destinies is well underway, and it's all based on Jewish lies, manipulation, subterfuge, bribery, violence, bullying, propaganda, banking, and indoctrination of your youth and manufactured assaults on your heritage.

Indeed, this assault on own race, it is nigh Satanic in nature. And you must reach deep inside of yourselves, well under the layers of the giant make-believe onion you are at the center of. There will be crying as you realize how duped you have been, and the nature of those behind the duping who presented themselves as do-gooders while they conned you into erecting your own prison!

If you say to yourself "That's all I need to hear!" then you are a trained automaton, reacting as you were instructed by your Jew masters to withdraw from the truth that you are not the deserving target of scorn that the Jew wants you to believe you are!

What exactly do you think will happen to you if you are exposed, finally, to an honest portrayal of the  Fuhrer? What if you find out you were a fool for your entire life! Well, there are worse things--like being a fool for the rest of your life! A self-hating white fool!

Even Louis Farrakhan gets it. What's wrong with you? Is your comfort that the Jews are allowing some of the more slavish whites to exist in that good to you that you would sell your birthrights to baby foreskin sucking kike scum? Are you so afraid of being labelled that you won't accept that the future as a white minority will have devastating consequences for future white generations? Are you that swallowed up in fear that you will never cross the line to freedom?

We are set to become a white minority in 2042. The corrupt Jew-owned government is already handing your extorted tax dollars to millions of immigrants while keeping you under surveillance and arming itself with billions of bullets in case the white need to be killed off sooner than later. And this year appeared to be a particularly tricky one for them because they've leaked "Jade Helm" to their phony conspiracy theorist Alex Jonestein to either create a distraction or attempt to intimidate the resistance which I know in my bones is growing by leaps and bounds by the moment! They had better be afraid! We need millions to march on Washington D.C.--that corrupt corporation--and demand a cleansing of the banks, media, lobbies, FBI, NSA, CIA, ACLU, NPR, ADL, SPLC, B'nai B'rith., NAACP, and the JEW--pronto!

It's either that or a future that is worse than Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World and the Matrix all at once!

We, the white race, created this Western civilization--we can't let the "destroyers" run it. The JEW is unfit to run civilization. They should only be used for entertainment purposes and never taken seriously, while we force them to breed with the dark races until they get more musically inclined.

Just ideas. Throwing them around. 

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