Monday, April 27, 2015

Islamists and DHS in Love Affair Over Targeting White Patriots

By Mel Goyson
“Sovereign citizens” are a threat to the federal government, and the DHS and Islamist groups agree, as a recent article about CAIR (Citizens for American Islamist Relations) indicates.
But what are sovereign citizens, really? From what I'm reading, it seems that American Patriots are being increasingly and purposefully confused by the DHS in favor of immigrants and their concerns.
Apparently, any citizen that does not swallow the ludicrous idea that a horde of Muslims placed in America won't cause issues for the resident population is now a terrorist who is mindlessly anti-government.
It's important to recognize the DHS for what it is, a Jewish Supremacist Police Command Center.
And, of course, Jewish groups get almost all DHS contractsIt used to be they got 97%, now it's only 94%--those poor suffering persecuted Jews!
White America--you are ruled by Jews who want to destroy you with enforcement of diversity, affirmative action, immigration, mass media propagandizing, and, increasingly, direct police action.
If that is the position of "sovereign citizens" than I am a sovereign citizen.
Islamists flooding our land, and all aliens improperly allowed in, are a big problem, but don't forget the hidden hand of the Jewish Supremacist making this all happen.
What makes you so gullible? It's white guilt. Time to drop it.

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