Friday, May 1, 2015

A Flyer Horrifies a White Neighborhood that was Enjoying the Baltimore Riots on TV

By Mel Goyson

Imagine no truth. It's easy if you're a self-hating white. Imagine all the immigrants, coming in day and night. Imagine all the Baltimore rioters, getting called thugs when they're gangster technicians, to be politically correct. Yes, John Lennon, the hallucinogen-popping race-mixer predicted this, I think.

Apparently, a group that feels that the United States shouldn't be incorporated in the Jew World Order attempted an outreach to fellow whites, and this prompted hardline self-hating whitism and fears of violence. In 1988 alone, someone slipped on a wet flyer in Miscougey. It was a Pizza Hut flyer, but still, sensitivity training was considered.

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