Saturday, May 30, 2015

Racist Rabbi Attacks Ice Cube Outside Casino, Media Outraged

Ice Cube flashes anti-Jew gang sign
Outside of MGM Casino in Detroit, capital of black pride, Ice Cube debated a rabbi, P. Taras, who told the rapper that the white genocide was "removing the smart whites from the world so we Jews could rule over you inferior negroes".

Ice Cube then complained that the Jews had shipped the slaves to America, and that only 1 percent of whites had owned black slaves, whereas 50 percent of Jews had. The rabbi laughed and said, "Ha. Dirty negroes. And now Soros has your inferior kind rioting in the streets in order to hasten the white genocide. When the whites are severely weakened, we'll use the DHS to finish them off. Then you negroes and mongels remaining will lick our Jew feet and we'll rule with an iron rod."

The rapper then made fun of his yarmulke and the rabbi is now demanding $2 million in reparations.

Later, it was revealed that the rabbi had sent text messages that were anti-white. Cenk Uygur and Rachel Maddow expressed outrage, emotionally tearing their shirts in shame on live broadcasts.

"Remember, Jews are liars because they deny the Christ," said Maddow.



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