Friday, April 24, 2015

Total Disregard for White Lives in the Zionist Media--WP Reports

By Mel Goyson

The assault on white culture by the Zionist media and other Zionist-controlled institutions is evidenced again in a report by the Washington Post

In what I would argue is an extension of a race war that was promulgated by deliberate misrepresentation of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown incidents, and with the help of "Anonymous", the SPLC, Al Sharpton, Cop Block, Frank Ancona (TAKKK Wizard), et. al -- a race war is being carried out largely in conditions of media blackout. This is not surprising given the history of Zionist infiltration of cultures and the subversion of them. 

This is not surprising given that all white European countries are experiencing similar outrages, where they are being informed that the rights of other races and illegal aliens supersede their own.

Furthermore, the media has the legal right to use false propaganda in the USA, and Obama can even kill or disappear citizens legally. This is all part of the white genocide

As Valerie Richardson of the WP reports:

Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison says she wants to see an officer shoot an unarmed white teenager in the back before agreeing that the “conversation about race” is over, but she almost certainly already has received her wish.
An analysis released last week shows that more white people died at the hands of law enforcement than those of any other race in the last two years, even as the Justice Department, social-justice groups and media coverage focus on black victims of police force.

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