Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tolerance of the Third Kind

If I'm going to be tolerant
with love in my mind
should I not first
learn to tolerate my own kind?

If I'm going to targeted
as the cause of all strife
the cause being being born white,
why can I not ask,
on fear of my life,
what makes your birth
exclude you from a history
of exploitation and guilt,
how was it these things
were not sewn into that quilt?

If I can find the hand
paying these messages to be writ
into the minds of those
who now deem themselves unfit,
and demand my conformity
under threat of a label
that defies logic and proof
or paints me into the corner
of some raving goof,
while the TV reinforces
their faith in the lies
five hours a day
and makes them their saviors

Where is the place
they can remember their past
without a scaffold black,
or in a noose, or a trail of crying
red skin, or six million Jews,
but no mention ever of Bolshevik
crimes and how racial
the nature of those communist times.

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