Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Diverse Walking Dead

By Mel Goyson

The Walking Dead is reality TV, where race-mixing continues after the end of civilization. This is perhaps ironic since race-mixing is historically the cause of the end of civilizations. But, yes, in strict opposition to reality, the races have no allegiance to each other in The Walking Dead, whereas in real life the blacks and Jews are out for themselves, although many whites have been transformed into self-hating whites by potent Kabbalah magic in the form of the 6,000,000 gassed Jews hex. Now they wander the Earth, oblivious to their identity.

The whites get up in the morning and dress in office casual and pay for gas cheapened by economic war on Putin and then they stand at the water cooler and commiserate with the formerly enslaved black man as if they enslaved him. With any luck, there is no sodium fluoride in the water cooler itself, although Nestle is providing the water so that is doubtful. Should we repeal Obamacare, the white man asks. We could, says the black man, but that might be racist. Maybe, just this once, we should risk it, says the white man. Racism is pretty risky, says the black man, perhaps, to get out of Obamacare, the whites should all suicide themselves? I hate to admit, says the white man, but you may have a point.

 Where are the brains of this operation? Apparently, it's a group of Talmudic, pedophile rabbis who encourage the exploitation of all non-Jews. Once in a while, the rabbis all get together and decide how their network of operatives will guide the goyim in the future to ensure the continued momentum toward total, abject Jewish supremacism under which all the other races will be joined into one mutliracial, morlock unit of degraded intellectual capacity that the Jew can control going on into eternity. This multiracial morlock slave race will help the Jew to build their technologies by which they intend to pierce the heavens and build synagogues on the Moon, Mars, and onward until ultimately they reshape the Milky Way galaxy into a Star of David which symbol will attract the other galaxies closer so that the parasitic Jew can feed off of a plethora of alien species which, like onto most goyim, find the evil of the Jew mind incomprehensible to such a degree that they always end up feeling sorry for or even worshipful of their captors.

Yes, even the best of the goyim must be killed. It's holy to kill, rip off, trick, rape, and otherwise exploit the goyim. Don't you know that? And they've gotten it down to a fine science and they all work together across the world to make sure that all your resources are permanently withdrawn so that there is no escape from Jewaggedon. Using sodium fluoride, chemical sky dumpings, mercury amalgam, vaccines, GMOs, microwave radiation, and other implements, your capacity to resist via critical thinking or energetic counter-measures involving organization. No doubt, even if you pull such a thing off, the zombies will start screaming "BRAINS" and the next thing you know you will be splashed all over the news as a terrorist or compound-dwelling white supremacist hell-bent on starting a race war aimed at exterminating innocent black and Hispanic children, for which you were promised awards via a special point systems which wins you free Nazi tattoos and the right to cut lines in prison. This sounded like a good deal at the time, and you bought in, finding the adventures of hunting the illegitimate armies of ZOG in the forests much to your liking, and a spirit stirred within you that bespoke of ancient kings, wholesomeness, and the extolling of life and nature.

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