Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Skull and Bones" Kerry Very Disturbed by Defiance of Most Peaceful Country Ever

By Mel Goyson

John Kerry, if that is his real name (it isn't), is disturbed by the "defiance" of a Iran, a country that hasn't attacked another country in well over a century. He was once disturbed by too many questions, which led to the tasering of a most curious young man, and to a line of "Don't Tase Me, Bro" t-shirts. This is not a guy from a secret society with a fake name you want to disturb, clearly.

But he's always disturbed! Has been for decades!

Kerry would also like to eliminate dissent from the internet because it makes governing difficult, despite his being a war hero who heaped disgrace on the uniform by purportedly throwing away his medals while participating in the communist cultural revolution of the Vietnam era. Apparently, he disagreed with that war because we were fighting communism, which was invented by his people, and which is now being imposed on the whole planet and you're next Iran!


Perhaps as a result of this highly disturbing defiance, Obama is handing Netanyahu a ridiculous amount of weapons to play with, since they've been so responsible with Palestinians so far.

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