Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jews Playing Controlled Opposition for War with Iran

John "Crypto" Kerry testified on Capitol Hill yesterday about secret arrangements with Iran that could not be revealed to the American public, although they would be revealed in private session to Congress. This serves to inflate right wing paranoia in the United States, where the security of Israel and the United States about Iran, a country which hasn't attacked another country in well over a century, However, Iran is said to be the greatest sponsor of terrorism, the sort fitting a very specific definition of terrorism meaning resistance to Israeli and American imperialism by Muslims.

This fits a pattern of Jewish behavior in the United States, where certain high profile Jews speak out against war and even against certain policies of Israel, while simultaneously baiting war lust within the American conservative wing. Both Scott Walker and Donald Trump are extremely unhappy with the Iran deal, for instance, and Scott Walker even suggestshe would immediately pre-emptively strike Iran the day he was made President. Of course, Jewish lobbying interests and Jewish media power would make resistance to such a psychotic stance difficult to maintain if one wishes to be voted into office with the backing of middle America, which is unfortunately still under the delusion that Israel is our ally. 

Other Jewish bodies and persons, such as Bill MaherJon Stewart, and the ADL, have similarly come out against Israel's "Zionist" tendencies, while supporting the liberalization of the United States. This helps support social changes in the United States Jews desire, such as immigration and gay rights, while also cloaking United States Jews from being associated with the militant imperialistic and genocidal tendencies of the state of Israel. The United States is kept weak and divided, and easily manipulated, but the future prospect of war with Iran is still moving toward manifestation, all with few in the American public realizing it is essentially a Jewish project.

The Jews represent an internal threat to our national security, but most Americans will again perceive the threat as being a nation that Israel wants to crush into submission to its internal banking concerns and "democratic" media control. Iran's main crime is giving Israel "bad press" as it voices facts in the United Nations and elsewhere that reflect poorly on the Jewish race. Furthermore, getting the United States into war deepens its debt, and enriches their banks. 

At key moments, the "liberal" elements of American Jews will no doubt announce that Iran probably has it coming, although they technically oppose war, and blame it squarely on White conservative war hawks. 

Looking back at Iraq, Jon Stewart was obviously gleeful about the United States invasion, mocking Iraqi's Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, before turning coat and then directing his criticism at President Bush, who was doing the bidding of Israel. A recent article explored how Jon Stewart works to promote government policy in detail, noting parallels between Obama and Stewart's targets of verbal aggression.

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