Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jew Media Sides with El Chapo and Mexico in War Against Donald Trump

By Mel Goyson

Imagine a world where kikes control the media, TV programming, and Hollywood. Now, hold that thought.

Indicative of this, is the anti-white agenda evident in its coverage of the El Chapo / Donald Trump affair. It's being treated like a no holds barred grudge match, and the media seems to be siding with the drug kingpin, practically hoping for Trump's death in order to appease the wildly racist La Raza, a beaner civil rights group much more powerful than the non-existent and illegal and racist white civil rights group known as              .

Trump apparently offended many Latinos who have entered this country in order to plunder the civilization created by white men that they are incapable of appreciating.  So did Sheriff Arpaio, who was just dragged through court for picking on poor mongrel wetbacks committing crimes that were the result of their lack of white privilege. However, when Pitbull "joked" to "watch out for El Chapo" apparently if Trump or any whites were offended that doesn't matter because white privilege.

Because white privilege (rinse brain with this and repeat endlessly until white genocide accomplished)...

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