Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fat, Retarded, Pedophile Jew (☭) Continues Personal Vendetta Against Me

By Mel Goyson

In what is no doubt proof that we are in the last days, I have a pedophile kike, Fred Goldstein, chasing down all my videos on Youtube, utilizing a horde of retarded zombies, bad spelling, and funding from Eliyahou Roth, a cross-eyed Israeli sheister. This is being perpetrated via They Can't.

Apparently, since I am a "hatter' I am not allowed to have a point of view, as is also the case with thousands of pro-white advocates before me since the kikes hate white people so much, and want to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Before erasing his Youtube channels, Fred Goldstein was caught multiple times hitting on underage girls with mental problems. Here's a collage depicting kike orca.

Now that gay marriage has been approved, Goldstein's dream of legally raping your daughters is nearer than ever, and he's apparently all in a sweat about it. 

Here's one of They Can't foreign collaborators, Simon Abrahami, who has forgotten his Talmud, apparently,

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