Monday, July 6, 2015

Nikki Haley, Enemy of the White Race, Said to be a Whorebag

Charleston Shooting Confederate Flag

By Mel Goyson

Nikki Haley, crypto-Sikh Governor of South Carolina, who has been rewarded for betraying her white constituency  by calling for removal of the Confederate flag with Jew media praise and a Vice President recommendation, had previously offered to resign if dual accusations of whorebaggery could be proven.

What is quite proved is that she is a political whorebag who has sold out the white voters of South Carolina, and who previously pretended to be white.  In fact, she is a low breed mongrel. However, she has managed to pleasure the NAACP (National Association of  Ape Coon People).

Two men, blogger Will Folks and lobbyist Larry Marchant , claimed to have nailed Nikki in 2010, and she said if either could prove it, then she would resign.

Marchant stated: "I spent the night with Ms. Haley and we had sexual relations, we had sex."

According to Will Folks: "

'Nikki climbed on top of me, rubbing her crotch back and forth'"

She was later named as the "other woman" in Marchant's divorce case.

Add to all this that the fake white candidate has snuck off to make secret business deals, and has gotten South Carolina to become more of an extension of India, where American jobs were sent as part of previous free trade deals, and the reasons to end diversity and free trade become clear. Plus, never elect a non-white candidate!

She's operating like a foreign agent, collaborating with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leader of a country that would have no civilization if the Jews hadn't sold us out to have our jobs outsourced to that pagan land.

The white race is being drained, dispossessed, and losing population while immigrants take our place.


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