Monday, July 20, 2015

Leroy Smith, a Negro Cop, Actually Does Its Job, Talk of Nobel Prize and World Mongrelization Abounds

By Mel Goyson

A photo purportedly of a negro cop (Leroy Smith) being all black and noble assisting an elderly man into the shade has all the flutter-chests in the country screaming Baby Jesus. Because we all know that White supremacists are the scum of the earth because they actually think the White race has the right to exist in formally White countries where they formerly had freedom.

This totally makes up for the 40,000 White women raped yearly who aren't reported in the Jew media. And for all the White cops fired and replaced with immigrants for being 'racist' because they noticed, as cops would, that blacks are more prone to crime. And for the Confederate flag getting stolen, ripped up, and defecated upon by nigger anti-White racists. And for Youtube banning pro-white videos while leaving videos that call for the death of Whitey alone all over Youtube. And it makes up for Obama flooding the country with racial trash, and turning the White House into the Rainbow Fairy House of Iniquity. And it makes up for job quotas that probably gave this negro cop his job, that he is actually doing, and which promotes race-mixing and the decline in white populations in all white countries where this sort of thing is promoted by Jew-controlled governments. And it makes up for Black Lives Matter, and the burning of buildings and lootings and rioting which occurred for which the perpetrators got a free pass because the media is run by Jews. And it makes up for the lies perpetrated by the Jew media about thugs who were killed as a consequence of their thuggery then held up as model "unarmed" citizens killed by White privilege.

Yeah, I'm really moved all right. I think I'll devote all my days to helping Africans learn how to work  a faucet in Africa while Whites in South Africa get slaughtered, because some nigger cop did his job.

I'm fucking Mother Theresa all the sudden.

It even makes up for the cops taking the side of the thugs here.

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