Saturday, July 18, 2015

CNN Portrays Funeral of Marines Killed by Diaper Head as Wonderful Diversity Practice

By Mel Goyson

After running an endless stream of articles calling all white people terrorists and demanding the banning of the Confederate flag, the murder of 4 marines by a lunatic Muzzie was met with a lovingly portrayed funeral which brought a "cross-section of the Tennessee community" into a splendid potpourri of racial harmony.

"I thought it was beautiful ... the community coming together," Iman Ali said, according to the article.
Isn't it great that Muslims are here to kill Marines?

Apparently, all anyone at the funeral talked about was "coming together", the beauty of diversity, and healing and moving forward in a display of "Chattanooga strong."

I was sort of surprised no one blamed the Confederate flag for Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez's psychotic killing spree, or noted that he looked somewhat whiter than Trayvon Martin.

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