Friday, May 1, 2015

German Hero Nationalists to March Against Zionist Tyranny

by Mel Goyson

On May 9th, they will march against the deliberate destruction of their culture and genocide of their race, so the media calls them names because it is controlled by those responsible.

Despite being subjected to Zionist brainwashing their entire lives, in which they are not even allowed to question bogus Holocaust stories or face jail time like Ernst Zundel and David Irving, German citizens, moved by spirit, blood, and love of their culture, will take to the streets and march against the Talmudic oppressors who promote war, porn, white slavery, miscegenation, and usury, and who are part of the same international clique responsible for the Holodomor.

After Hitler was defeated by communist, and the Zionist-controlled nations in league with them (Stalin and Roosevelt both being Jews and Churchill being an ardent Zionist), Germans were raped and massacred by Soviet communists, and starved to death by General Eisenhower. Thereafter, a power-structure was created that was intended to create debt-slavery across the entire planet. And, continuing their plan, the Zio-commie-neocons also decided that the white race was a problem that could be solved with immigration and miscegenation.

In fact, in France, Sarkozy, suggested miscegenation by force, apparently, planning to snatch up French virgins and lock them in a cell into which a drugged Muslim would be added, who would mistakenly believe he was in Heaven, but there was really only one white virgin, despite the stories. Though he'd regret not having been a suicide-bomber, he would take what he could get.

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