Saturday, May 23, 2015

If You Hate David Duke, It Actually Proves He's Right

Most people are familiar with the phrase "consider the source", but have they? And why should they?

Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative, author, and unofficial diplomat speaking tirelessly on the radio and against Zionism worldwide, is still perceived by many Americans as simply a racist, antisemitic hater who irrationally hates Jews and all other peoples despite his advocacy of Palestinians, Iranians, and the human rights of all individuals everywhere, including Jews. The only reason that such a viewpoint could exist among the American people is that his viewpoint has been suppressed, and this article will help you understand why and how that came about, and why you should care.

You may be tempted to think I'm having you on, or that I am just writing something contrarian in order to appease some feral instinct in myself that is jealous of the success of Jews, or that I'm myself a KKK member who hates Jews, blacks, and so on. However, you may want to consider the source. You might argue that the source is yourself, but who is it that has been informing that source? What if your information has mainly come from Zionists who did not want you to understand that those who opposed them were fighting for you? What if this had been the case since you were born, and you've been informed by the mass media, by messages from movies, by politicians, from books, and via an educational system that had long since been adjusted by a political correctness program which had the Zionists behind it?

Such a claim might be called, to use the language of Richard Dawkins, an "extraordinary claim" which requires "extraordinary evidence".  It is, of course, far easier to brush aside such a claim by deciding there is something wrong with me than to actually consider the evidence I will present with an open mind before doing so. This is the course most people take when it comes to David Duke, because it is easier to call the opposition names, or to accuse them of personal shortcomings, than to honestly debate them point for point. It is also the course than the media takes with David Duke, repeatedly bringing up his distant past, which has been besmirched by their own propaganda against pro-white organizations. This is because the media hates David Duke, as Bill O'Reilly admitted in an interview with David Duke, not because David Duke is a "hater" himself. But why do they hate David Duke?

Far from completely condemning you from not understanding the issue of Zionism, the first thing I'd say is that it is totally understandable because of the environment in which you have lived. An environment in which there is a lot of pressure to conform to a politically correct opinion. In fact, finding out that David Duke was right was the last thing I expected when I began to investigate what was really wrong with the world, because I'm someone who has known Jews, befriended them, and even dated them in the past. It is not about a blanket accusation against all Jews, which is the first "trick" that they use, which was admitted by Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni on Democracy Now!. But, although understandable, it is truly not, ultimately, to your long term benefit to avoid the issue of Zionism--and definitely not to the benefit of future generations. And it is high time you looked honestly at the opposing point of view to see what, if anything, it has to offer, because your country and people are being effected in ways that may be too gradual for you to comprehend without stepping back and looking at the big picture.

Furthermore, I'll admit I once thought in a politically correct manner myself, until I started doing investigative independent journalism, which meant doing my own research. In the course of doing my own research, and comparing what I found with what was reported in the mainstream media, I was often shocked to discover that the mainstream media has a very prejudiced attitude itself. Not "prejudice" in what is now generally thought of as "racist", but prejudiced toward presenting the appearance of a "white privilege" and "white racism" that does not in fact exist in the way that it is portrayed.

Furthermore, I discovered the mainstream media does not bother to do its own research, in many cases, and that stories are simply handed to journalists and then repeated mindlessly across the United States, generating public opinion. Even worse, the only time you get "thoughtful" commentary, it comes from talking heads like "liberal" Rachel Maddow, "conservative" Bill O'Reilly, "comedian" Jon Stewart, "alternative" Cenk Uygar or "tell it like it is" Bill Maher, all of whom deftly avoid the issue of Zionist control of the United States media.

This, despite the fact, that of late Israeli control of the government is being admitted, but not how the media plays a role. In fact, these personages all target different audiences in order to create different mindsets, all of which serve to maintain Zionist control of the United States by creating an appearance of debate which never gets to the heart of the matter. It is as if they thought of everything long ago, and some believe that this is outlined in a text called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which Henry Ford said explained the situation in the United States back in 1921, and I would argue continues to offer a lot of light. On top of this, there are even so-called "conspiracy theorists" controlled by the Jews, as seems the case with Alex Jones, and some of whom deliver large sections of truth with embedded lies that prevent you from ever seeing the full picture, such as Myron Fagan, who said Hitler was a tool of the Illuminati, and most likely Benjamin Freedman, who truthfully explained Zionist media control, but also promoted the Khazar fake Jew theory, which doesn't hold up under genetic testing.

Some people may be familiar with the idea of Noam Chomsky's "manufactured consent", in which what he portrays as a government-controlled media is used to get the public to back policies that should, on the face of it, be unpopular. While it is now true that the government is perhaps more unpopular than it has ever been, instead of a committed desire on the part of the public to discover what the real problems are, we see instead a tendency toward apathy and calls for tolerance and the need for everyone to stick together or to remember that we are "one humanity, one race, coexist" etc.

Although tolerance may make us all get along better and get less upset, it doesn't actually help to elucidate the problem of Zionist control because tolerance causes you to resist seeing that the Zionists are themselves behind the promotion of tolerance and apathy that has swallowed up the political power of the American people. What is even more difficult to understand perhaps, is that Zionists are also behind the drive to make the black population so angry about "white privilege" that they riot in the streets and burn down their own neighborhoods, or that Zionists are also behind the promotion of "white guilt" which reminds white people that we are "all immigrants" in order to flood the nation with South Americans, Somalians, and other parties that do not contribute to the well being of our heavily indebted nation. In fact, a case could be made that Zionists promote tolerance to get different factions into white nations, and then incite anger to get them at each others' throats, when they see the time is right to use such things to their advantage. This was in fact admitted and written about by Stephen Steinlight, of the American Jewish Committee, who wanted to use a "divide and conquer" strategy to ensure what's "good for the Jews". This strategy is fostered also by organizations such as the SPLC, NAACP, the ADL, B'nai B'rith, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Prince Hall Freemasons, whom label pro-white organizations and pro-life organizations, as "extremists" and "terrorists", a "threat" which is then broadcast by the Zionist media into the minds of millions as truth. However, they do have a single Jewish supremacist organization listed at the SPLC, sort of as a token Jew enemy of the state. It is important to understand Jews act together as a sort of wolf pack, but will let the weak one get killed, or help to kill him, if such becomes necessary.

Understanding this can take a lot of courage and effort on your part. No one wants to be called a "racist" or an "anti-semite", especially since movies and TV shows made by Zionists that most of us have seen create the impression that "racists" and "anti-semites" are the worst of the worst people who have ever walked upon the face of the Earth. These films include Amistad, American History X, and Mississippi Burning, and TV mini-series such as The Holocaust and Roots. If America was really the land of "white privilege", why would it produce such an enormous amount of material that encourages hatred of white people or anyone who defends so-called "white privilege"? Is it because we're so "enlightened" and not "ignorant" now, or is it because the Jews behind this want to rule? And now a slew of films, music videos, and TV shows present race-mixing as the norm for whites. Even in The Walking Dead, post apocalyptic whites are still race-mixing, and a side effect of race-mixing, along with mass immigration, is that the white race will, in formerly all white nations, literally cease to exist. We truly are the walking dead. And this isn't just happening in the USA, but in all white nations, and for the same reason: Zionism. This was even admitted by Joel Stein, a Jew, who wrote that Jews control Hollywood and other aspects of America, and that he doesn't care who knows as long as they keep on controlling them. It was also stated by Ariel Sharon that Jews control America, and a slew of reports saying this was an "antisemitic" lie put out by "hate sites" followed. Again, it's far easier to call names than to look at facts.

And, unfortunately, it is really that simple. Your attitudes have been molded by the Zionists, for the Zionsists but NOT of the Zionists. Your attitudes serve the purpose of keeping the Zionists in charge of your nation, while the Israeli Zionists have attitudes that are anything but tolerant, as evidenced by their treatment of the Palestinians, black immigrants in Israel, and even of Christians.

As Americans, many of us were raised to believe that the Bill of Rights still held, and that we had a free press. Most of us became increasingly cynical about the press as we aged, often coming to the conclusion you can't believe everything you read or hear, but not finding out exactly why you can't believe everything you read and hear, other than it's "the government" or it's "corporations". Granted, those answers aren't exactly incorrect, but you have to understand further who is pulling the strings of said corporations and government. And that's why you need to understand just how organized the Jews are compared to white people, and why. I've partially given you the answer as to why white people are not as organized, because any pro-white organization is routinely demonized in the Zionist media and in Zionist-run Hollywood. And any white hero, including of late the Founding Fathers, are written off as racist, or slave-owning, fuddy duddy, rich guys.

But what about when pro-Jewish organizations actually buy your government? Jewish lobbies, such as AIPAC, and the American Jewish Committee, and Jewish Banks, such as Goldman Sachs, are able to dominate the United State government not only with their sizable donations, but with the backing of the mass media and Hollywood which is likewise dominated by Jews. So, in our "democracy", if you are not pro-Jewish interests you can see why your chances of getting elected are next to impossible.

That's why you hear candidates like Rick Santorum say insane things like "Iran.Enemy. Israel. Friend.", although the United States has actually been attacked by Israel, repeatedly, in incidents such as the 1967 assault on the USS Liberty and the while Iran has not attacked anyone in over a century. And what, may I ask, has Israel ever done for the USA that makes them such a valuable ally?

Not only that, but your financial system itself is completely under the control of Jews and has been for over a century. Again, this isn't exactly advertised by the usual sources of information that Americans rely upon, but President Woodrow Wilson sold our nation out when he signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on behalf of the Jews, who reportedly blackmailed him into doing so. Before that, in the same year, our congress sold us out by ratifying the 16th Amendment which allowed for a graduated income tax. Both of these additions to our American system are communist in nature, and communism is likewise a Jewish invention, as Karl Marx was a Jew from a long line of Talmudic Rabbis.  In the 2012 election, many people became aware that the Federal Reserve was problematic thanks to Ron Paul, but they didn't necessarily understand that it was also Jewish. Nor do they often understand communism is Jewish, as is Zionism, as is neoconservatism. In fact, I would argue they are really different devices for promoting the same thing--Jewish supremacism.

In addition to controlling the television and movie screen and newspapers, Jews are making a lot of headway on the internet. First off, Facebook is controlled by Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew who promotes communism and immigration. Google and Youtube are similarly owned by the same two Jews, who are currently helping to scrub Youtube of materials they deem antisemitic, with the help of a Jewish group called They Can't which calls for people to crowd-report these materials while soliciting donations. Of course, Youtube obliges them, while violently anti-white videos on Youtube remain prevalent, often put out by Jews posing as white people. This is done under the pretense of community standards, which called just as well be called "communist standards" or "Jewish standards", in fact. If you want to get an idea of how much is getting scrubbed, refer to this article I did just recently in which all the links are now dead links.

Furthermore, there is a move to make antisemitism illegal on the internet worldwide. This is being done under the guise of "cybersecurity" with Jews Michael Chertoff, Jay Rockefeller, and John (Kohn) Kerry all over the case. In the U.K. the Home Security, Theresa May, has just called for a ban on Fascism and Nazism. 

Let's face it, we have to censor "hate speech", because, if you heard it and let it sink in, you might realize it was right.

I could really go on and on about this subject, but it's been my purpose to get you to start thinking about these issues and investigating them for yourself. If anything, this needs to be addressed now, if not 100 years ago.

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