Friday, May 29, 2015

ADL Marked for Damnation

By Mel Goyson

The ADL asks us to imagine a world without hate, but I'd rather imagine a world without Jews.

The ADL was established to bring about the Jewish Supremacist domination that now holds the USA and most of the world in bondage under worldwide Communism. Communism, an invention of a perfidious Jew, Karl Marx, scion of a long line of Talmudic pedophile Rabbis, fittingly was promoted by an organization responding to the righteous lynching of a B'nai B'rith child rapist, murdering kike named Leo Frank.

Since then, Jews have come to utterly dominate Hollywood, TV, the media, publishing, and the educational system. The educational system is really just an indoctrination system generating debt for young white to ensure their slavery to the usurious, parasite Jew, while filling their heads with nonsense to prevent them from seeing the reality of their situation.

Entertainment serves much the same purpose, promoting the communism doctrine of equality while making most people blind to the purposeful destruction of the blessed white race, which constitutes the true chosen people of Yahweh. Unfortunately, our higher natures allow us to be manipulated, because we are driven toward altruism and idealism that other races are incapable of. This is why you rarely see other races going out of their way to help white peoples, but they quickly go out of their way to invade our nations for a plunder.

In participating in the Jew World Order, the white nations have become complicit is the heinous crimes of the millennia, including the repeated genocide of the there own peoples, and their own racial suicide.

But it is all based on Jewish lies! And the ADL is nothing more than a den of lying serpents, and the Jews feel so assured of their success they openly preach white genocide in the academies without getting immediately clubbed to death. But, a warning, that could release thousands of cockatrice eggs which must be immediately burned.

Therefore, I offer below a text by Robert H. Williams about the ADL as a Communist Instrument. And also this link to Understanding the Zionist Conspiracy.

Don't enjoy it. Learn it. And make yourself useful to your people.




and Its Use in 

the World Communist 


"A picture of what more and more Americans regard, with alarm, to be a secret police among us; and its relation to the world movement which threatens our civilization, reported by an Army reserve Intelligence officer." INTRODUCTION Many persons have come to, or written to, CLOSER-UPS for an answer to the question: "What is the Anti-Defamation League?" They number United States Congressmen, military and civil officials, Jews, Gentiles, Catholics, Protestants, workers, professors, excited persons, collected persons, "crackpots", responsible and weighty persons. On the lips of too many people of all kinds today is the whisper: "Look out! — Shh! — The Anti-Defamation League! Deservedly or not, it has achieved in the minds of too many Jewish and Gentile Americans alike a fear-inspiring quality and a status above the law such as attached to the private secret police organizations of upcoming directors in unfortunate .European countries. Some persons have come with apprehensions that their telephones have been tapped, their mail opened, their names referred to smear sheets and their intimate associations intruded upon, their professional standing attacked, their business boycotted, their employers or customers alienated by a mysterious network organization with vast funds and agents available to follow cases anywhere. Some have suffered legal persecution. Some American citizens of Jewish ancestry have come to confide that their own feelings and better judgment were ruthlessly over-ridden in the process of campaigning and collecting funds for the purposes of "fighting anti-Semitic defamation." It is high time, therefore, to reveal this organization and its money raising and money-spending activities. It is time to discover its place in American life and its part in Jewish world community trends. If some sinister force is using the tremendous potentialities of this richly- financed staff, its own officials and representatives ought to be called to account, and its supporters ought to know such facts. The American people and American Congress ought to know them. With painstaking care, Major Robert H. Williams (Military Intelligence, Reserve)*, counter-intelligence, as conscientious an officer as our military intelligence ever had, and a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica supplement, "Ten YLventful Years", has prepared the following report. If there is further interest, a Congressional Committee should take up from here. To go further would require official investigative authority, unless the high command of the A D L itself should wish to throw open to the public its complete files and records of activities. If this study of the ADL is unfair or incorrect, a Congressional Committee and a public hearing are the League's proper recourse of which, in all honor, it should avail itself. This is not a study of the Jewish question . It is purely an investigation into a specific organization and its relation to human rights and American procedures. It does pose the question of whether or not this specific organization, in final sum, is a help or a hindrance to good relations between our people of all racial and religious affiliations in the United States, or whether, under the guise of rendering rather costly aid, it is actually doing the work of an enemy. Upjtatt Qia&e * Mr Williams is no longer connected with the military service. He was [honorably] discharged Dec. 21, 1950, on the day Anna Rosenberg was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of military personnel, after he had exposed the Communist-aiding record of Mrs. Rosenberg. Reprinted by permission of the author. 1974 


What is the Anti-Defamation League? Who is it? What does it do? 
These questions are heard with increasing frequency. 

The full name of the group is "Anti-Defamation League of B'nai 
B'rith." To start at the end first, B'nai B'rith (Hebrew for "Children 
of the Covenant") is the oldest and largest American fraternal lodge for 
Jews only. It was founded in 1843, called "purely an American institu- 
tion," although it has branches in many countries. ("B'nai B'rith repre- 
sents Jewry throughout the world" — B'nai B'rith magazine, July, 1937, 
page 352, quoting Ludwig Lewisohn.) Many B'nai B'rith lodges sponsor 
forums or other active discussion groups on the problems of the day and 
cultural matters. B'nai B'rith claims to have, during its century of history 
(for the most part), resisted attempts from within and without to drag it 
into partisan politics and international controversial questions such as Zion- 
ism. But it has, at times, been flavored with strong partisanship. Leanings 
in its lodges were recently frankly interventionist and New Deal. 

An organization of similar name and purpose to the Anti-Defamation 
League of B'nai B'rith existed in Germany and border European countries 
during the years following the First World War. Its stated purpose was 
to stop and prevent the growth of anti-Jewish feeling among the defeated 
German people, who tended to look for a scape-goat for their humiliation, 
and resented the activities of citizens of Jewish name and connections 
during these hard years. Its methods were such that it probably aggra- 
vated, instead of discouraged, ill-feeling. Some who are now American 
citizens (refugees from Hitler) say that for this reason they parted from 
the Anti-Defamation League of this period in Germany and Alsace- 
Lorraine. They report having suffered a degree of reprisal for their inde- 
pendent judgment. 

The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith was organized in 
1913 in Chicago. Its heavily staffed national headquarters there knits to- 
gether fifteen branches in large cities. I do not have accurate information as 
to the number of its executives, clerks, attorneys and informers. One spokes- 
man said "Two hundred." This would mean a pro rata budget $25,000 
for each employee. However, according to the appeal of the national 
chairman for the 1945 Joint Defense Appeal Campaign for Four Million 
Dollars for the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation 

League of B'nai B'rith. (commented on in Closer-Ups Volume I, Number 
6, August 27, 1945), "The Community Service Division consists of a 
central staff, 150 public relations committees in as many cities, 14 (now 
15) regional offices and 2,000 key men in 1,000 cities." 

The A D L is said to receive a regular budget from the B'nai B'rith 
lodges. It augments this with campaigns that raise millions of dollars 
through public and private subscription. These fund-raising campaigns 
are conducted with great vigor and professional drive, aided by a degree 
of hysteria created by picturing some fearful invisible force rising to ter- 
rorize Jews in the United States. The campaign literature shows pictures 
of lynchings (although no American Jew has been lynched, to my knowl- 
edge. Lynchings of negroes are rare and fortunately growing rarer). The 
Nazi swastika is repeatedly shown on page after page of literature, the 
implication being that millions of non-Jewish Americans are transplanted 
Nazis, or in league with that evil movement. 

The results are tremendous. The League reported raising $4,000,000 
in 1946. Its goal for 1947 is $5,000,000. 

Founder of the League in 1913 was Sigmund Livingston, who also 
served as perennial chairman till last October when he was succeeded by 
Meyer Steinbrink of Brooklyn, a member of the New York State Supreme 
Court. In honor of the retiring chairman ten fellowships were established 
to provide annual awards in colleges and universities for winners in essays 
on the study of group prejudice. 

Richard E. Gutstadt is the guiding genius behind the legal and investi- 
gative staff. 

But the power behind the secret organization is Henry Monsky, Omaha, 
Neb., attorney, head of B'nai B'rith since 1938. Monsky is active in a 
wide range of welfare and educational organizations, both Jewish and Gen- 
tile. He has been a member of the board of trustees of Father Flanagan's 
Boys' Home since 1925, was a member of the national board of the Com- 
munity Chest in 1935, is a member of the national council, Boy Scouts 
of America, and served on the voluntary committee of the Office of 
Civilian Defense during the war. He is honorary chairman of the United 
Palestine Appeal and the United Jewish Appeal. Samuel I. Rosenman, 
adviser to the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, both at the governor's mansion 
in Albany, N. Y . , and later at the White House, writer of documents and 
speeches for both Roosevelt and Truman, was Monsky's New York state 
chairman of B'nai B'rith. 


The purpose of the remarkable fund and unusual staff engaged in 
administering it is generally given as: to combat racial and religious in- 
tolerance, specifically against Jews. This is done through: (1) a negative 
or suppressive program against real and supposed opposition, and (2) 
a positive or propaganda program of great scope and power. 

The negative, suppressive program sets up a self-constituted censorship over public speech, fixing a watchful eye on every radio, every lecture 
platform, ever}' publisher, ever}' movie film producer, ever}' school teacher, 
every political party, every public official and ever}' citizen who becomes 
conspicuous or influential. 

The surveillance extends to private clubs and drawing rooms. The 
directors of an exclusive club in Miami, Florida, were told by two self- 
designated agents of the ADL whom their club should not permit to 
address it. These agents offered to provide the expenses of calling off the 
engagement. The same suppressive attempt has been made many times 
in many parts of the nation. 

According to government officials in investigative duties, and to my 
own information when on duty as a counter-intelligence officer, the League 
maintains a large number of investigators who gather information on any 
individual marked for surveillance or public disgrace. Information goes 
to a central file. From there it is distributed to branches and to an in- 
terminable number of groups or individuals, either automatically or on 

Representatives of the Anti-Defamation League, according to its own 
"confidential" letter of appeal in 1945, have called on thousands of editors 
and publishers to persuade them, or hint to them, not to publish material 
which would displease the League, such as speeches by persons on the 
ADL black list. The editor of one of America's great dailies told me 
that local ADL representatives called on him, bringing along an expert from 
the Chicago headquarters. Their request was that the newspaper should 
never mention certain men favorably. Beyond that they were vague as 
to demands. In this way they made it plain, I was told, that they were 
putting in their presence to alert the editor not to offend them; a kind 
of hooded censorship. The editor recognized that they could withhold 
enough advertising to cut deeply into the paper's revenues, perhaps bank- 
rupt it, and that they could smear him till he would have to leave town. 

A careful study shows that the persons singled out as A D L victims are 
seldom anti-Semitic but are always anti-Communist. 

Here is an illustration of how the smear works. A lecturer, John Blank, 
talking against Communists and upholding Jeffersonian principles of our 
Constitution, but never having said a disparaging word against a Jew as 
a Jew, is booked to lecture at a convention, a forum or club — perhaps a 
Republican club. As soon as the lecture engagement is announced, some 
prominent citizens — Jewish or Gentile or both — call on the booking com- 
mittee to urge cancellation of the lecture. In a confidential manner they 
"inform" the committee that John Blank is anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism 
is an ugly word in America. It is apt to frighten the men or women of 
the program committee who booked the lecture. Likely they are handed 
some typed or printed material, nearly always anonymous but in some in- 
stances bearing the stamp of the Anti-Defamation League or group friend- 
ly to it, which is cleverly put together to show what a vicious, un-American 
character is this man Blank. The club can see that it is going to be intimi- 

dated and harassed locally and, if it is a political club, that it may lose 
some support for its candidates at the polls and Jewish financial support for 
election campaigns if it refuses to cancel the scheduled lecture. 

Often the local citizens who make the contact with the club officers are 
gullible innocents. They have been approached by unseen figures who 
have sold them a bill of goods. They do not always think to demand 
proof. The club officers likewise may not think of that. They do not 
always investigate to learn what John Blank is really saying. They may 
not examine the smear literature closely to see that it is a clever fraud. 
Blank is never given a chance to face his original accusers and demand to 
see their defamatory evidence; he is never given the chance to defend him- 

The press carries a sensational story that Blank's engagement was 
cancelled, due to something mysterious in his past or present connections; 
the public does not understand, and Blank's reputation is injured. The 
word goes around that he is "a Fascist or anti-Semite or something." His 
chance to continue earning a living in his profession is damaged, as is his 
opportunity to serve his country. 

Big names often are used further to condemn the anti-Communist 
speaker. For example, when a certain lecturer in a Pennsylvania city last 
year revealed that Communists are plotting to throw Jew against Gentile, 
he was reported instead as having delivered an anti-Jewish speech and a 
newspaper asked the Governor to comment. The Governor condemned 
anti-Semitism, as was proper; but when he learned the true text instead 
of distorted version of the lecture he had not himself heard, he issued an- 
other statement correcting the erroneous impression made by his former state- 
ment. The defamation press was loath to carry the correction or played it 
down so that it was not widely read, until the governor became insistent. 

The following is a typical example of the way private secret police are 
working: A young man placed in the files of the A D L for his intense 
opposition to intervention in the war, but in no way guilty of attacking 
persons as Jews, returned from the service to find himself the object of a 
smear campaign. Pressure was put on his employer to get rid of him. The 
manager said he liked the man's work and saw no justification for firing 
him. But the firm had many Jewish customers who could be made to 
believe it was their enemy. The threat of great loss of business was too 
much. "With regrets" the ex-GI was cut off from his source of livelihood. 

Such an act is a violation of Section 51, Title 18 of the U. S. Criminal 
code, being a conspiracy to bar a citizen from the full enjoyment of his 
Constitutional rights. Maximum penalty is $5,000 fine and ten years 
imprisonment. But the victim may not have had sufficient proof of the 
identity of the guilty organization or individual. Perhaps his employer 
would be threatened with bankruptcy if he should testify in court on 
behalf of the victim. Perhaps the prosecuting attorney would feel it 
politically unwise to take up the case, or perhaps the court itself could 

be influenced or selected for its known friendliness. There are indications 

that these things have happened. There seems to be evidence that some 

courts are favorable to certain organisations which operate in the manner 
of Hitler's early secret police. 

I do not accuse the Anti-Defamation League of having inspired this 
particular act, but I am sure that as long as the A D L works in secret 
and commits such acts of defamation as are well known, it is going to be 


Some files made available to government agencies by ADL representa- 
tives during the war were helpful in checking on the activities and records 
of certain pro-Nazi suspects. However, I am informed, and I think 
reliably, that much of the material collected shows a lack of understanding 
— or willful ignoring — of what constitutes treason and other crime, under 
the Constitution and laws of the United States. Much of the information 
deals 'with the question of whether or not the individual loves all of his 
neighbors or just some of them. I do not know that it is ever stated in 
any of these files whether or not the accused may have been given reason 
to dislike or suspect or fear some of his neighbors. The tenor of much of 
the reports, I believe, is based on the assumption that anti-Semitism is 
a crime and should be severely punished, and on the further assumption 
that opposition to the aims and purposes of the ADL itself constitutes 
anti-Semitism. That is, that anyone opposed or believed to be opposed 
to the aims and activities of the Anti-Defamation League should be 
punished. Which puts the ADL — in its own private interpretation of what 
is punishable — above the law. 

It is the intent to "improve" the law, in order to take the prejudice 
out of people by law — to make them love others through fear. If you 
do not believe that men in this free America can spend millions of dollars 
pursuing such an idea, let me remind you that Russia and all its puppet 
guillotine regimes have made anti-Semitism a crime, subject to severe punishment. 

But this subject will be dealt with more at length in the second section. 

The Anti-Defamation League urges a so-called Fair Employment 
Practices Commission (FEPC), which as finally established by law in 
New York state (with the active help of Governor Thomas E. Dewey) 
and as proposed in many another state, requires an employer to hire and 
promote personnel according to the dictates of an appointive board which 
may fine and imprison any employer. The employer must hire and pro- 
mote negroes, Jews and other minorities as the board may direct — which 
amounts to forcing the employer to discriminate racially and religiously ac- 
cording to another's preference or prejudice. 

Let me quote for you a statement from a Jewish publication, The Day, 
on the advantage the Jews are told they may expect wherever an FEPC 

law is enacted. Dr. S. Margoshes, in his regular column in that publication, 
issue of July 11, 1946, said: "FEPC is as much a Jewish issue as anyone 
can think of. ... It must be evident that the sooner we get such agency 
established and in working order the sooner we shall be ready to stand 
the impact of the economic depression." I cannot believe this represents 
the true sentiments of the wiser Jewish leaders, but the fact remains that 
few Jews have raised their voices against this measure which would be 
a sure way to set in motion a wave of anti-Semitism. 

There is another law closely associated with the FEPC in political 
circles, championed by many people who support the FEPC, which should 
be mentioned here to show the direction in which the FEPC would lead. 
That is a law to make any derogatory reference to a Jew a criminal offense. 
This would give much immunity to criminals and schemers willing to hide 
behind it. It would tempt Communists and the criminal underworld to go 
into the Jewish community en masse! 

Yet a Congressman had the supreme stupidity to introduce such a pro- 
posal into Congress last June. Ordinances thus discriminating racially 
between citizens have been proposed to city councils to accomplish the 
same anti-Constitutional ends. It was former Representative Patterson of 
Los Angeles who introduced the bill in the House. The Bill mentioned 
only Jews — "Jews as a nation, people or religious group." It did not offer 
equal protection to negroes, Swedes, Danes, Spanish, Russian, German, 
Polish or British Americans. Under its provisions you could be jailed for 
defending yourself against viciousness on the part of one or more mem- 
bers of the Jewish community. The Communist Party championed it with 
daily headlines in its press, and would make dastardly use of it. In the 
section of this article dealing with Russia you will see to what use this 
law has been put there. 

A s stated, this is a companion piece to the FEPC. At the time being 
the Communist Party is letting the New York state FEPC law alone except 
perhaps for subtle planting of their agents in desired positions by the 
ruse of demanding racial "fairness." They need not be expected seriously 
to abuse this law till they have "sold" it to many other states and the 
federal government Then we may look out. 

The suppressive program of the Anti-Defamation League appears to 
have wide ramifications. The League is generally accused of cooperating 
with many other groups. We should be given the full facts. It certainly 
is known to have had a hand in defaming certain persons who opposed 
the New Deal, some whose only "sin" was to fight to keep America from 
becoming embroiled in war, some whose "crime" has been that of attack- 
ing Communism and trying to preserve Americanism. 

An organization such as the League, set up to spy on the whole country 
and unhampered for funds, naturally would become a prime objective 
for Communist infiltration. And Communists have not overlooked the 

LEAGUE LIKED LIBELER Officials of the League must be given credit for recognizing the likeli- hood of Marxist infiltration. A League official recently admitted they had failed to prevent it, but said they were trying to keep Reds out. At the same time he said the League could not enter a campaign against Com- munism — that would be "taking political sides." League officials point to several self-proclaimed Republicans among their officials. Yet some of the literature they send out is written by men long identified with pro-Communist activities, such men as Carey McWilliams. The League does not appear shame-faced that it hired, as an under- cover man to snoop on honorable American citizens for nearly two years, the now convicted defamer and dealer in trash, untruth and "twaddle," John Roy Carlson, whose real name is Avedis Boghos Derounian. This Armenian by race, born in Greece, helped to crush the anti-Communists of his own race. He now mildly disavows Communism, but he passes am- munition to the Reds who fire the guns, and therefore must share their guilt. He was, in fact — despite his cheapness of method or perhaps because of it — one of the most valuable contributors to Communism during the war years, because he successfully smeared for a time a number of prominent American leaders exposing Communism. 
I confess, not without chagrin, that — though I was engaged in Intelli- 
gence work at this time — when the Derounian smear volume Undercover 
came out, I thought perhaps Derounian really had something on the vic- 
tims. His method was to associate in one way or another an honorable 
man with one or two persons either in disgrace or suspected of being pro- 
Nazi. It now is clear that many of the victims, if not in fact all, were 
innocent of any connection with Nazi bund activities and with the persons 
with whom Derounian cleverly contrived to associate them. A federal 
court has so ruled, shaming the would-be prosecutors. The men chosen 
for this character assassination, I eventually became convinced, were so 
attacked solely because they opposed Communism, the war and the devices 
of the New Deal which were tending to involve us in war. I am not de- 
bating here the wisdom of our having so involved ourselves; I am frank 
to defend, however, the right of an honorable and loyal American citizen 
to speak up whenever he thinks we are heading in the wrong direction. 

As you perhaps know by now, three federal court verdicts have found 
Derounian guilty of libel, and Federal Judge Barnes of Chicago said of 
Undercover, after many days of hearings, "I find this book 500 pages of 
twaddle — mere twaddle. ... I would not believe this author if he were 
on oath. ... I believe he would do anything for a dollar." 

The Chicago Tribune reported that a libel suit for $1,000,000 dam- 
ages against Walter Winchell was filed in the same federal court, charg- 
ing this keyhole reporter with having plugged the smear book over his 
network. Derounian — who has operated under fifteen aliases and who was 


accused by Judge Barnes of having distributed anti-Semitic literature 
himself at one time for particular purposes and who boasts of duplicity 
and lying — now has a book on sale called "The Plotters, attempting to 
continue his money-making graft at the expense of reputations of men 
promoting Americanism and fighting Communism. 

Such is the man the Anti-Defamation League hired for nearly two 
years as investigator. The League now says Derounian was satisfactory 
-or its purposes. I quote from the Chicago Tribune of January 16,1 947: 
"A spokesman for the Anti-Defamation League said today that services of 
Avedis Boghos Derounian had been found 'satisfactory and reliable' 
while he was in the League's employ between 1939 and 1941." If the 
Derounian standard is the standard for the "Anti-Defamation" League in 
its work of defamation, and its self-designated job of educating our chil- 
dren, I should say a Congressional investigation of the League is urgently needed. 

One of the most active operations of Communism in America is that 
of attacking anti-Communists on the charge, often false, of anti-Semitism. 
For many years the Communist interpretation of anti-Semitic, however, 
has been anti-Communist. The purpose of this device is to frighten Jews 
into the Party (and to have them bring along the friends they have created 
among other minorities by their sympathetic activities). In this vastly sig- 
nificant activity — that of attacking anti-Communists as anti-Semitic — the 
A D L is extremely active. The similarity to the work of the Communists 
on this theme is inescapable. 

New York's largest pro-Marxist daily, PM, issue of August 21, 1946, 
carried an article quoting a spokesman of the A D L demanding that the 
Federal Communications Commission investigate a certain radio com- 
mentator accused of being anti-Semitic. (The accusation is false, I am 
prepared to say, since I know the accused intimately.) Specifically he was 
charged with being "a transmission belt for nationalist propaganda." The 
implication is plain, and it is important that more Americans understand 
it: That if you are for "nationalism" (which I have always understood to 
mean loyalty to country), you are anti-Semitic. According to this reason- 
ing, anybody for his own country first instead of for the International, 
is anti-Semitic. Meaning to say that all Jews are Internationalists. 

By this logic the A D L places itself in the position of siding with the 
Communist-Internationalist. This is self-accusation, not my accusation. 
It is my belief that you cannot be loyal to country and also to some outside 
power which would dominate your country. 

This spokesman may have thought his organisation still had power 
enough over the FCC to get the accused radio commentator ruled off the 
air — because many a pro-American commentator has suffered that dis- 
crimination. The FCC could not oblige, for it is itself under Congressional 
suspicion and the face of the FCC itself is a guilty Red. But even an 

investigation of the accused commentator would have served (as PM and 
Marxist publications would have played it up) to discredit him. 


The League's activities are largely behind the scenes. More open in 
"checking up" and making charges and interfering with citizens' rights 
are groups officially described as Communist-fronts. Some of these have 
made use of A D L literature, but we naturally suspect that a great deal 
of this kind of activity has been accomplished without the League's identity 
becoming known to the public or the victims. 

"Check-up" and secret-police activities parallel to those of the A D L 
are carried on widely by the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League and the 
"Friends of Democracy," recently dragged out into the light of day by 
John T. Flynn in his historic pamphlet, "The Smear Terror" (published 
by the author at 15 East 40th St., New York 16, New York.) 

In many cities throughout the country the American Veterans Com- 
mittee, well known for its heavy Communist infiltration and its cham- 
pioning of Communist legislative objectives, sends out goon squads to 
harass and intimidate speakers and to intimidate audiences to prevent them 
from hearing speakers who oppose Communism. 

The national commander of the Jewish War Veterans of America last 
year stated in a press conference before several newsmen that his organi- 
zation was "fighting Fascism." Specifically, he told of an instance in Chi- 
cago where his squads had caused a near riot in order to deny a speaker 
the right to speak and an audience the right to hear its own privately 
chosen speaker. 

These are a few of the groups which cluster about the ADL — either 
through community of interest and method or in spite of its lack — inter- 
fering with the right of free speech and peaceful assembly. They bear a 
striking resemblance in technique and objectives to Communist gangs 
wherever the scourge of Marxism has risen. Their methods are not unlike 
those employed by Hitler's underground before he took over in Germany. 

Americans have a right to know what relationship these groups have 
to each other. After all, probably a good hundred million Americans are 
nationalists, and proud of it, though this fact has been too often scorned 
these fifteen years. 

It is asked, also, what connection, if any, the League has with some 
extremely loud, but effective, Sunday afternoon and evening radio propa- 
gandists. It is asked whether or not any of the League's funds have aided 
periodicals which stir animosity between Protestant and Catholic as an aid 
to the Communist attack on Christianity. It is suggested that if the League 
is such a good thing that it deserves five million dollars from the public 
to spend in one year — to augment four million dollars' worth of free propa- 
ganda — why cannot its operations and books be thrown wide open to every- 

body? Why does it work secretly, and why must its reports be confi- 
dential? What is it hiding, and why? 


The charge of anti-Semitism has become perhaps the most potent 
weapon in the Communist arsenal as well as in League operations. It has 
been used with telling effect by individuals and groups in political cam- 
paigns, in the internal politics of organizations and even in connection with 
religion in public schools. Senator Ives of New York was viciously at- 
tacked as anti-Semitic by the Communist press and also by some Jewish 
organs in his campaign last fall, although actually Ives has gone so far 
toward favoring special privilege for minorities as to champion an F E P C . 
Apparently the purpose of the smear in this instance was not so much to 
defeat Ives as to elect his Jewish opponent, former Governor Lehman. 

Congressman Stratton of Illinois suffered a similar smear attack. 

One of the most vicious and unjustified smears of our political history, 
of course, was that which defeated veteran Senator Burton K. Wheeler for 
re-election in the 1946 campaign. Much of the filth thrown at Sen. Wheel- 
er cannot be printed here, but it included anti-Semitism — despite 
Wheeler's record of friendliness toward the Jewish community and his 
support of legislation favorable to that community. Wheeler opposed 
our entry into the war, and therefore was an enemy of the Left. He also 
once dared to urge that such activities as the Anti-Defamation League be 
abandoned, pointing out that they create more anti-Semitism than does 
the output of all the crackpots and bigots of the American scene, filling 
Gentiles with suspicion and fear, making the Jew super-sensitive and 
perhaps bitter. 

Among the revealed contributors to Wheeler's defamation were: 
Arthur J. Goldsmith, Albert Lasker and Edmund Waterman, all New 
Yorkers, the last named being "a leader of the Anti-Defamation League," 
as revealed by George E. Sokolsky in his column in the Washington 
Times-Herald of October 11, 1946. Sokolsky also exposed the Anti- 
Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress for having at- 
tacked Wheeler as an anti-Semite, saying, "I was ashamed of their infamy 
and called upon him (Wheeler) to tell him so. I found that he was deeply 
hurt by the unfairness and untruthfulness of the charge." 

The columnist commented, "It is growing increasingly difficult for 
outstanding men to run for public office and to debate important issues 
because of the smear tactics employed by the vicious groups centering in 
New York and operating out of Hollywood and Chicago." 

Smear activities may have played a part in the defeat last fall of Con- 
gressman Dean Gillespie of Denver, who lost his seat to a Democrat in 
a year of Republican landslides. Gillespie covered up local pressure and 
intimidation which, exposed to his electorate, might have returned him 
to Washington. 


How many times a Senator or Congressman or other public servant has 
been pressured or intimidated, how much support has been forced for 
political measures under threat or fear of intimidation, we will never 
know; but it is safe to say that many public officials would like to have 
done with the League and other secretly operating groups which always 
carry the implied threat of defamation. 

The accusation of anti-Semitism, accompanied by the dissemination of 
"information sheets" from the files of the A D L and kindred groups be- 
comes a racket in the politics of private organizations for selfish purposes. 
It also gets into national, state, county and district school politics. 

A recent incident is significant: A woman lawyer who had rendered 
signal service in obtaining woman's rights and other anti-discrimination 
accomplishments in some states was in line for election to the presidency 
of the Woman's Bar Association at the recent National Bar Association 
convention at Atlantic City. Suddenly a delegation supporting a dark 
horse candidate of their own background arrived on the scene from New 
York City, making the utterly false charge that the prominent candidate 
was anti-Semitic. They distributed surreptitiously some so-called infor- 
mation sheets. The intimidation frightened even some of the main can- 
didate's intimate friends, including a prominent Jewish woman attorney, 
who told the now falsely maligned woman that they could do nothing in 
the face of such charges — since that would bring down the smear on them 

The dark horse candidate who used, or permitted to be used, such 
tactics won by five votes, but hundreds of delegates, influential persons in 
their communities, went back to every part of the United States to spread 
their resentment of the smear conspiracy. 

It should be well understood that Communism makes Christianity its 
number one enemy (though some of my Protestant denomination do not 
appear to understand this fully) and that it wants Jews also to attack the 
Christian religion. Many Jewish leaders make it plain that they understand 
this false leadership. Nevertheless, the Reds make progress. The New 
York Times of January 15, 1947, carried a dispatch under a Davenport, 
Iowa, date line, revealing that Jewish protests had stopped a religious 
society from giving New Testaments to school children, even though the 
donations were purely on a voluntary basis. The dispatch quoted Rabbi 
Abram Vossen Goodman as saying: 

"Subsequent to the distribution of these New Testaments many Jewish 
parents — members of Temple Emanuel — approached me concerning the 
propriety of this innovation. I have brought the matter before the board 
of the congregation which, after obtaining legal advice, has authorized 
me to protest." 

The Rabbi's protest was successful. The school board of Davenport, 
Iowa, permitted one religious sect to intimidate it and prevent the children 
of Davenport schools from accepting New Testaments. 

Rabbi Goodman may not have knows that this attack on Christianity 
was Communist-inspired, but a reliable informant has given me information 
which makes such inspiration seem highly probable. 

The positive program of the Anti-Defamation League is described by 
one of its own officials as follows: "To send literature to various groups, 
work through the radio, the motion picture industry and other media; to 
subsidize speakers' bureaus and suggest speakers to schools, forums and 
clubs; to subsidize and publish periodicals, pamphlets and books (from 
comic strip books to literature) fostering good will and condemning dis- 
crimination, whether social, political or economic, to encourage move- 
ments, meetings, programs of all kinds, use every advertising media from 
newspaper ads to billboards." 

The solicitation letter of the National Chairman for the 1945 appeal 
claims: 'This is a high-powered educational program geared to reach 
every /nan, woman and child every day of the year — through the press — 
over the radio — through advertising — comic books — schools — speakers — 
information — community service — movies — churches — labor — and special 
groups." It claimed2.\ 6 individual station broadcasts a day in 1945 and 
a goal of 65,000 for 1946. (For this it received a special award from 
Variety, notoriously left-wing paper of the amusement trade). It listed 
26 full page ads run in 397 newspapers, 2,000 insertions reaching 100,- 
000,000 readers (space free), a series of 12 posters displayed on 1,000 
billboards in 130 cities costing a quarter million dollars, 16,000 cards in 
24 cities, space on payroll envelopes, blotters and millions of match 
covers. It claimed to influence 1,900 daily newspapers with 43,000,000 
circulation, plus the ruralpress, theforeign language press, the negropress, 
and the laborpress with 10,000,000 readers. Itrecorded330,000 books 
placed in libraries during the year, 9,000,000 pamphlets "tailored to fit 
the audiences," and 40 ,000 ,000 propaganda-laden books of comic strips 
to children and men in the armed forces. It "presented the most noted 
names on the lecture platform" to more than 30, 000, 000 people by sub- 
sidised lecture bureaus. It arranged for and aided special movie shorts 
and radio programs by stars in the amusement world. 

The Jewish Year Booh for 1945-46, page 700, says, in a chapter on 
Domestic Public Relations Activities in 1 944: "Our message has been in- 
cluded in every variety of radio program from 'soap operas' to news and 
sports commentaries. The value of commercial rates of the radio time 
available to us without cost in 1 944 is estimated at close to four million 
dollars. " 

A special project is the production and circulation of "educational" 
films and comic strips, to various audiences including labor unions and 
school children. 

An example of the ADL-indoctrinated motion picture film, one of the 
A D L officials stated, is a picture called Till the ULndofTime. A typical 
scene from the usual indoctrinated motion picture is one in which a hand- 


some young ex-service man knocks down another (who is cast as a "pug 
ugly" to be instantly disliked) because the second veteran invites the first 
to join a veterans group which accepts only Christian Gentiles. 


Such movies, however well meant, create race consciousness, suspicion 
and eventually hatred. The movie goer begins to wonder why this grossly 
exaggerated theme is being thrown at him week after week. He would 
resent with nausea a picture which reversed the situation: In which, for 
instance, one Jew knocked down another because the second invited the 
first to join the exclusive Jewish War Veterans of America or the equally 
exclusive Young Men's Hebrew Association. He begins to notice that the 
Jews have hundreds of clubs which he, as a Gentile, could not get into 
or in which he would not be wanted. I am sure he does not begrudge 
them their exclusiveness, and would actively oppose any imposition on the 
rights of Jews as American citizens. 

But he wonders more and more ivhy all the one-sidedpropaganda. 

The example of violence over the race question is a dangerous preach- 
ment. It is precisely the method of the Communists, who organize violence 
on a wide scale, sponsor gang warfare and eternally pit one race against 
another. Violence on the race issue also was encouraged by the Ku Klux 
Klan in its heyday. 

The AOL program makes the Jew frightfully race conscious, jumpy 
at the slightest shadow (or appearance of a shadow) of feeling against 
his race. Marxists take advantage, stimulating his fear. The cry of "anti- 
Semitism" hurled against men whose only public activity has been to 
oppose Communism, is the same cry the Communists raise. // is well 
known in investigative offices that Communists are instructed to brand 
all opposition as anti-Semitic. This frightens the Jews and tends to make 
them run to the Communist-fronts forprotection. 

Who are the speakers the A D L sends to talk to our children in the 
schools? And by what right does the Anti-Defamation League presume 
to "educate" our children? 

In Denver last year one of their speakers. Dr. Carl Herman Voss, a 
paid executive of the American Jewish Committee which jointly with the 
A D L raises and spends the Joint Defense Fund, was strongly pro-Soviet. 
He said, for example: "My only fear is that the Russians will withdraw 
their troops from the Balkans too soon — before those people become democ- 
ratized." The statement 'was quoted in the Denver Post. Dr. Voss ad- 
dressed every high school and junior high school in the city and county of 
Denver. In January, 1947, he told the Daytona Beach, Florida, Forum 
in the high school that, "Russia wants more buffer states for her security"; 
that he is not an "anti-Communist"; that certain anti-Communist radio 
commentators and Senator Wheeler — "all of these must go." I repeat: 
Dr. Voss is one of the prominent officials of the committee which helps the 
A D L raise and spend the funds. 


Also addressing Denver and other public schools was Ethel Alpenfels, 
who openly ridicules Americanism and subdy undermines racial traditions 
and pride. Here is a quotation from a recent article of hers: "Ralph 
Linton has summarized the day of a '100 per cent. American.' Dawn finds 
him in pajamas, a garment of East Indian origin. He glances at the clock 
(medieval European invention) and goes into the bathroom (porcelain 
from China, toothbrush from 16-century Europe, soap from ancient Gaul, 
toilet from Roman original, razor an iron-carbon alloy from India). . . . 
Very likely as he scans the news of the day he thanks God (a Iriebreu' 
deity) in an Indo-European language that he is a 100 per cent (decimal 
system invented by Greeks) American (named after Amerigo Vespucci, 
Italian geographer)." 

You would dismiss this prattle with no more thought than brushing 
off a green fly if it were said once and in the spirit of fun. But when 
it is said viciously over and over, from school to school, by a paid lecturer, 
it is time to find out the aims and purposes of all organizations sponsor- 
ing her and her ilk. 

Shortly after Hiroshima, Miss Alpenfels began urging, before school 
children and other audiences, that we give our atomic secrets to all nations, 
"not to Russia alone," she hastened to explain — but it is noted that Russia 
was one of the United Nations, the only one who really appeared to want 
the bomb. 

Miss Alpenfels has written a book called A Race with Time — the title 
punning on the word "race," she says. Her contribution is to soften the 
foundations of Anglo-Saxon type tradition, the traditions on which West- 
ern civilization largely lifted itself out of serfdom. I observe that she 
is addressing Gentile audiences on the theme that in effect says we should 
be ashamed to think of race pride. I contend that people of any race 
surely should cherish the memory of its leaders who helped establish great 
ideals and traditions. Her words appear to apply to all minorities who 
may happen to be in the audience, shaming them too for pride in their 
ancestry and the efforts of their race to set up for itself ideals and patterns 
of conduct. But the effect of her line is unmistakably against the "ma- 
jority" and, by maudlin crying on the shoulders of minorities, tends to 
sharpen their race consciousness and to make them suspicious, fearful and 
bitter toward the supposedly arrogant majority. Discrediting Nazi- 
like racial arrogance is one thing, ridiculing and breaking down racial pride 
is quite something else. 

It cannot be overlooked that the same people who support such attacks 
on the Anglo-Saxons are at the same time stirring the Jew to extreme race 


Here we come back to the very heart of the positive program of the 
Anti-Defamation League. The League pours a constant stream of this 
kind of propaganda into America, especially designed to influence children 


and youth. The repetition of this theme makes it effective. If children 
repeatedly see pictures and hear stories which exaggerate cruelty to minori- 
ties at the expense of Anglo-Saxon traditions — the effect is to take ad- 
vantage of our natural good-will and sympathy, to establish a feeling that 
we are vicious toward minorities. 

Meanwhile, such activity drives older people to fear and suspect evil 
in this program of propaganda. This is a subtle campaign. It is hard to 
put your finger on any one item. But the effect is enormous on the school 
children. Some tend to identify themselves with the rabid, outspoken 
element among minorities, who get their inspiration from the Marxist 
movement. After the softening-up process by the delicate touch of the 
League, Communist Party propaganda — which champions precisely the 
same line and uses the same methods, only more violently — takes the 
"sympathetic" youngster and teaches him to hate opposition or supposed 
opposition and creates a preferential status for Jews. Presendy some of 
these young men and women have become active in goon squads, under- 
ground gangs and Communist- fronts. And here again the status of the Jew 
is exalted above all others. A Communist can be violendy anti-Anglo-Saxon, 
anti-Italian, anti-Spanish; but he will be crucified if he is anti-Jewish. 

Meanwhile, those who become suspicious and wary of propaganda 
which seems conspicuous for its undue emphasis on the race theme, tend 
to react defensively. And thus begins the flame — enraging Gentile against 
Gentile, Jew against Gentile, Negro against Anglo-Saxon — which the 
Red strategists hope they can fan into a nation-wide conflagration at a 
time favorable to them. 

Whatever the motives of the men steering the slnti-Defamation league, 
it is apparent that /hey are ill-advised and that their millions of dollars 
are tending to soften up ouryouthfor the march of Communism. 

The race theme amounts to an attack on the Anglo-Saxon-type freedom, 
the idealism which has spearheaded the upward drive for freedom for many 
centuries, benefiting all peoples the world over. It is precisely this Anglo- 
Saxon idealism which the Communist International most violendy hates and 
must destroy to succeed. This culture springs from the innate temperament 
of Western peoples — the sturdy individuals who will not be slaves. 

In its championing Internationalism, the League again plays into the 
hands of the Communists. Internationalism is a One World philosophy 
which insists on giving up sovereignty to a super government, one that must 
— if it is to accomplish any of the things the Internationalists expect of 
it — be more powerful than our own government Our President, then, 
and our Congress, would be subordinate to the One World administration. 
In such a government we would be only one nation among many; we would 
have only one vote among a dozen votes as to what is good for America 
and American people. All the other nations could regularly day after day 


combine to exploit us, to take our wealth and ship it to other countries 
through a super-UNRRA bureau. We are the "have" nation, of whom 
there is much jealousy and perhaps some fear. Our millions of free men 
have taken wealth out of the earth and made it useful. It is America which 
certain other nations want to whittle down. We would be helpless to 
check the spoliation. Our individual freedom would disappear like ice 
in a kettle. The curtain would come down on the age of the Constitution 
with its Bill of Rights. 

But we must remember that certain people would stand to gain — people 
who control the One World power machine in the government behind 
the government of which Disraeli and many another political leader have 
spoken. In all countries, including America, friends of the invisible power 
group would stand to gain through exploitation. Men would presently 
have to work where and when so directed, or go without a job. Secret 
police would soon take care of them if they tried to make trouble. 

This is the future the Internationalist champions, however badly he 
may be deceived about it. No doubt that most of our Internationalists have 
been sold this bill of goods by clever propagandists who appealed to their 
Utopian idealism. Some of our most hopelessly idealistic men and women 
have been the most dangerously taken in by the propagandists. These men 
and women ordinarily do not realize that behind the entire One World 
movement is the vast, world-wide "educational program" of the Com- 
munist International. You cannot separate Internationalism and Com- 
munism: both lead directly to the same thing — absolute dictatorship over 
the 'world and enslavement and exploitation of men and machines. 

Now back to the Anti-Defamation League. It is safe to say that the 
majority of the men steering the League are Internationalists. It would 
be hard to find one who would admit he was a "nationalist." League 
spokesmen want you to think of a nationalist as something vicious, a Nazi 
or Fascist. Yet we are all nationalists who love our country and repudiate 
the totalitarian foreign "isms" — Nazism, Fascism, Communism and In- 
ternationalism. The League, as you have seen, attacks men as "anti- 
Semitic" on the grounds that they are nationalists. This is another self- 
accusation of the League that it is siding with the pro-Communist move- 
ment Their logic, which says that the nationalist is against all Jews 
("anti-Semitic") is an arrogant and false assumption, accusing all Jews 
of being Internationalists. 

A brief summary of the work of the Anti-Defamation League shows 
that — regardless of its intentions — it is of inestimable aid to the march of 
Communism, especially among our young people: 

1. The League is Internationalist, violently anti-nationalist. It tends 
to condition the mind of youth for the program of the Communist Inter- 
national, in its various deceptive disguises. 

2. The League is a secret-police. Communism always builds its oper- 
ations through such machines. 


3. The League defames all who actively and aggressively oppose Com- 
munism. I know of no instance of its defaming and trying to suppress 
a Communist. 

4. The League makes use of pro-Communist writers and speakers. 

5. The principal themes of the League's propaganda coincide with 
the principal themes of Communism. The League's program is a subtle, 
but continuous and effective undermining of our unity and traditions. The 
race propaganda lends strongly to divide the "majority" and to pit minori- 
ties against the majority. The Communist Party drives this wedge hard, 
obviously aiming at open warfare at the propitious moment. Also does not 
the League violate that section of the U. S. Criminal Code which provides 
a maximum fine of $5,000 and ten years' imprisonment for conspiring 
to deprive any American citizen of his Constitutional rights? 

6. The League indicates that it has a foreign program. What is this 
foreign program and by what right does a private, secret organization pre- 
sume to carry on operations abroad? 

7. The League uses techniques identical with those of the Communists 
in all countries. Character assassination, for instance, to keep down oppo- 
sition to Internationalism and Communism. 

8. The effect of the League's work is to set up Jews in a preferential 
status — a "chosen people" in this modern age when all people have equal 
rights. The League seeks to bring other minorities under its leadership in a 
race rivalry fanned by its propaganda. This is entirely parallel to one of 
the major activities of Communism. Both the League and the Commu- 
nists champion F E P C and demand a law making anti-Semitism a crime. 

Thus the Anti-Defamation League is an atom-powered Communist- 
front, whether it means to be so used or not. 

A better way to prevent anti-Semitism would be, as former Senator 
Burton K. Wheeler implied, first to quit the exclusive secretive organ- 
izing and propagandizing on the race question, and its defaming of Amer- 
ican citizens who happen to disagree. Doubtless in a society as in the 
human body, an organ is healthiest when we are least conscious of its 
existence. Many of us have Jewish friends with whom we got along 
normally until the propaganda flood gates were thrown open; now they 
and we often are self-conscious in our conversation and deals. For this 
miserable condition you can thank the Anti-Defamation League perhaps 
as much as the Communist Party. 

Short of taking itself apart — which we would be naive to expect — the 
League should be quickly and thoroughly suppressed by Congress and 
the Chief Executive. 

I DO NOT WISH to condemn the Jewish community. The Anti-Defamation 
League is but a part of that community. I do not wish to condemn the 
Anti-Defamation League for activities for which it may not be responsible. 
I do know, however, that to get a true perspective of the results of the 
League's activities it is necessary to look at the whole disturbed world. 
It is necessary to read the Jewish press to see what is being put into the 
minds of the Jewish people, for whom the B'nai B'rith, the League's 
parent, claims wide representation in America. It is necessary to estimate 
how much of that press is frankly Marxist and Zionist and pro-Russian. It 
is necessary to see what foreign influences attract Jews in America, and 
what their more radical leaders are trying to do for and to them. Then 
you can form your own estimate of the activities of the A D L . 

Such a survey reveals information of such extreme importance to 
America that it would be marked "Top Secret" in the files of the Army 
or the State Department if reported by one of its officials. 

No thoughtful American can read the Jewish press today without 
becoming alarmed. Too many Jewish periodicals are pouring a stream of 
Pro-Communist, Marxist, pro-Russian sentiment into the Jewish people. 
I became aware of this shocking fact while on active duty at a counter- 
intelligence officer in the Army. In that capacity I also was astounded 
to see that so many of our younger Jews had gone pro-Communist — that 
so many of our Communists were Jews. These facts may shock conserva- 
tive American Jews who "will pay heed as much as they shock non-Jews. 
The remark that "all Jews are Communists" is an irresponsible statement. 
This is the mistake more and more Americans are making today. The 
rigidly Orthodox Jew is likely to be a loyal American citizen, opposed to 
Fascism, Communism and Political Zionism, adhering only to religious 
Zionism, a spiritual concept. Jews who belong to, or agree "with, the 
American Council for Judaism likewise acknowledge only one flag, the 
Stars and Stripes. They too, oppose being used by radicals in a revolu- 
tionary movement which they regard as certain to end in terror and blood- 
shed for Jew and Gentile alike. 

In my own experience in Intelligence I found Jewish officers and 
soldiers whose Americanism could not be questioned. But I am forced 
to admit, not without foreboding, that those Jewish officers and enlisted men 


who did not show a preference for Communism and who were not fanatic- 
ally pro-Soviet were few in number. Among Intelligence officers and 
CIC investigators, it was a common saying — and I know Communist-fronts 
will denounce me as anti-Semitic and a Fascist for reporting this — that 
"seventy-five per cent, of the Jews in the army are pro-Communist." 

This percentage may not hold true of the old people; but among those 
in their thirties and younger, I think it conservative. 

An energetic young Jewish reporter on a leading American daily, with 
whom I have conversed many times, admits frankly his pro-Communist 
sentiments — for which I have tried to shame him. Asked if he knew any 
Jewish people who were anti-Communist, he said. "Sure. My old man 
jumps on me all the time, just as you do." Asked if he knew any Jewish 
young people who were not pro-Communist, he said, "Very few." 

My own investigative staff and I in the army reviewed or processed 
thousands of pro-Communist cases. The percentage of Jews among them 
was disproportionately high. The "heat" is put on any person, Jew or 
Gentile, who mentions these facts. An official of the A D L said to a friend 
of mine, "Why talk about them? We want you not to mention them." 
I am not talking with the intent to create prejudice. I am reporting facts 
of the greatest importance to our future security, internal and external. 


The responsibility for this strong Communist trend among the young 
Jews is squarely on the left-wing leaders in the Jewish community. These 
people have managed virtually to control the Jewish press — which I urge 
you to read. 

Here are just a few quotations: 

Dr. Louis G. Reynolds, in the July 5, 1946, issue of California Jewish 
Voice: "I cannot conceive of any Jew in the role of an enemy of the Soviet 
Union. To me, such a Jew is an unnatural monstrosity, a travesty on 
everything that is decent and right." 

J.I. Fishbein in The Sentinel (sub-titled "Devoted to Unity in Jewish 
Life"), issue of June 20, 1946 (under caption, "The Editor Views the 
News"): "The fascist-minded scum and Naziphiles of this country are 
threatening Russia with everything from atom bombs to 'democratic elec- 
tions.' . . . We recognize that in this country the 'Hate-Russia' element is 
also the 'Hate-the-Jews' element. . . . Did you ever hear of any anti-Semites 
anywhere in the world who were not also anti-Soviet? . . . We recognize 
our foes. Let us recognize our friends, the Soviet people." 

The Jewish Opinion Publishing Company, as long ago as 1937, 
awarded prizes to six essayists on "How to Combat Anti-Semitism in 
America." All prize winners expressed sentiments hardly compatible 'with 
the American tradition of freedom, some of them attacking the Christian 
religion as causing anti-Semitism. Judges were George Gordon Battle, 


John Haynes Holmes, Everett R. Clinchy, Ludwig Lewishon and Stephen 
S. Wise. Dr. Clinchy is the present director (non-Jewish) of the National 
Conference of Christians and Jews. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise is too well 
known as a leader of the Marxist Zionist movement to need introduction. 

Here is a question from one of the prize winners, Joshua Trachtenberg, 
a Rabbi of Easton, Pennsylvania: "Were this essay entided 'How to 
Eradicate Jlnti-S emitism in Jlmericcl it should have to open with the 
grim admission: It can't be done! Not short of demolishing the America 
we live in and building a new one, at any rate. Even outside Marxist 
circles it is a commonplace that anti-Semitism . . . is a disease indigenous 
to our economic system, which goads the underprivileged ... to exact 
payment of the eternal scapegoat, the Jew, for the iniquities of the system 
itself . . . Anti-Semitism is a potent buckler in the defensive armor of 
Capitalism. In the degree that the various secondary factors that make 
for the victimization of the Jew lose their force, the inchoate rebellion 
of the masses can be less readily diverted from the real oppressors and 
the doom of the Capitalist system draws near." This frank anti-Capitalist 
does add: "Nor is it politic to press an argument which might alienate 
a great many of those non-Jews who would come to our aid on less con- 
troversial ground." 

It is the frequency of such sentiments which today makes Americans 
suspicious of all secretive organized movements. What, they ask, is the 
Anti-Defamation League up to, and why does it need to spend $5,000,000 
trying to persuade our children and young people to some end it has 
conceived to be to the best interests of the Jewish community? Why are 
so many of our own neighbors here in America highly organized and 
financed and saying the same things that the agents of the Communist 
Revolution are saying all over the world, while western civilization, the 
so-called Christian world, is crumbling nation by nation under the on- 

More and more intemperate language is used, as one writer stimulates 
another. Here is a statement, the sentiments of which are prominent in the 
Jewish press: 

'Rabbi Leon Spitz, a sermon quoted in the American HLebrew of March 

1, 1946: "Perhaps the time has come when roles should be changed. Let 

Esau whine and wail and protest to the civilized world, and let Jacob 

raise his hand to fight the good fight. The anti-Semite . . . understands but 

one language, and he must be dealt with on his own level. The Purim 

Jews stood up for their lives. (Note: Reference is to the Book of Esther 

in the Old Testament. "Esau" is used by modern Jews as a code name for 

the stupid gentile; "Jacob" for the crafty, deceptive Jew.) American 

Jews, too, must come to grips with our contemporary anti-Semites. We must 

fill our jails with anti-Semitic gangsters. We must fill our insane asylums 

with anti-Semitic lunatics. We must combat every alien Jew-hater. We 

must harass and prosecute our Jew-baiters to the extreme limits of the laws. 

We must humble and shame our anti-S emitic hoodlums to such an extent 

that none will wish or dare to become (their) fellow-travelers' '." 

This from a Rabbi to his flock! This in a land which has shown greater tolerance for all races, Jews included, than any in history! To understand the full import of the above sermon by Rabbi Spitz it is necessary to remember that any man or woman who actively opposes Communism is immediately branded by Communist-fronts as anti-Semitic. If a law can be passed making "anti-Semitism" a crime, the Communists can hail their enemies into court — as in the infamous "Sedition Trial." Who decides what citizens are "anti-Semitic" gangsters, lunatics and Jew-baiters? Courts recently have assessed libel judgments against self- appointed prosecutors of innocent victims of this fury. Derounian, for instance (alias Carlson), author of Undercover and The Plotters, has been found guilty on numerous counts of libeling American citizens with this false smear. A federal judge, presiding at one of the suits against Derounian, said he found no evidence of anti-Semitism in the speech, the writings and the activities of the libeled smear victim. Yet 700,000 copies of Undercover had been sold, with the assistance of Walter Winchell, spreading false defamation from coast to coast. The above statement of the rabbi need not necessarily imply that he is himself pro-Communist. He may have been taken in by the fear hysteria spread by Communist leaders, including both Jews and Gentiles. But he is stirring his Jewish flock almost to the point of violent eruption. I am sure there is no organized Fascist movement in America worth all the scare. Such a movement is not what the Reds are talking about. It is the anti-Communist movement they are fighting and they brand it Fascist — and anti-Semitic. It is the pro-Americanism "reaction" they are fighting. Of all times and places in history when a Jew could settle down to a normal relationship with his Gentile neighbors, the time is now, the place is America. I see signs that the activity of the Communist crusade to brand the opposition as anti-Semitic, coupled with the activity of many secret Gestapos, including the A D L , is setting in motion a wave of anti- Semitism. The burning of a fiery cross where never a Klansman is found, simply to frighten negroes and Jews, the writing of anti-Semitic phrases on a synagogue — these tricks, exposed in several places as done by young Communists to fan race friction, are beginning to take effect. WHY DO SO MANY JEWS LOVE RUSSIA? Many a Gentile is completely stumped by this question. He is con- fused because, knowing the extreme brutality of the Bolsheviks and their successors, sympathizing deeply with the enslaved Russian people, (for whom Victor Kravchenko appeals eloquently to us in his remarkable historic document, I Chose Freedom) he cannot understand why so many of his Jewish acquaintances are pro-Soviet. He has a right to ask the question, and he is entitled to an honest answer. We are in a precarious position today, our leaders and publishers afraid to tell the people the real 21 answer, afraid of the smear or loss of business, because we have blacked it out of the news for thirty years. Our sin is catching up with us. Many an editor himself now does not know the real secret behind the Iron Curtain. Let Louis Levine, national chairman of the Jewish Council of Russian Relief, tell you. Levine paid an extended visit to Russia last summer and came back hysterical in his enthusiasm for the Soviet regime. He re- ported before an audience provided by, and I believe sponsored by, leading Jewish organizations and publicists of Chicago. The heart of these group gatherings appears to be the A D L . In an article in the November, 1946, issue o£ Soviet Russia Today, Levine (billed as "Outstanding leader of American Jewry") wrote: "Special concern for the Jewish people has characterized the Soviet Union since its birth in the 1917 Revolution. A week after tsarism was overthrown, the infant Socialist government, headed by Lenin, legally abolished national oppression, making it the first country in the world to declare anti-Semitism a crime. . . . Every manifestation of anti-Semitism was fought openly and sternly." He makes the amazing statement, "Many American Jews did not quite believe that the anti-Semitic scourge of several thousand years could be wiped out within one generation and certainly not in a country in which it had been an official part of the state apparatus for many hundred years." I don't know where in all literature I have read such an appalling statement. Considering that there must have been millions of Russians adjudged anti-Semitic, especially by Communist standards, it does not seem possible that "anti-Semitism" could have been wiped out in one gen- eration short of killing and exiling countless hordes of Gentile Russians. Was it, then, the suspicion of anti-Semitism as much as property considera- tions which caused the Communist regime to destroy 20,000,000 Russians? Levine continues: "And there were some (American Jews) who believed the 'miracle' had taken place, but frankly wondered whether it was ac- complished at the cost of a loss of a distinct Jewish life, of a decline in religious observances and of a deterioration of Jewish culture." Levine then describes expansively his 6,000-mile trip inside the Soviet Union, going wherever and whenever he pleased without surveillance — a rare concession, made not even to our ambassadors. And everywhere, he says, he encountered a Jewish culture. He tells that "more than in any other country in the world, Jewish literature, theater, poetry is considered basic to a full cultural life. I met many non-Jews who had read Sholem ^Ueichem in the original Yiddish. Many non-Jews, including the Ukrainian leader, Dmitri Manuilsky, were brought up in Jewish surroundings, and retain great interest andpride in their background. " (Manuilsky is often mentioned as a possible successor to Stalin.) He says that the "center of Jewish life in the Soviet Union is the extremely active and influential Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. . . . When I spoke to government officials about the Jewish Council or the Soviet Jews, J was generally asked, 'What 22 does Mikhoels (head of the Committee) think, about it' or I was told that 'If it is OK with the Committee, it is OK with us'." In my Intelligence research I had learned from documents and authen- tic excerpts from documents gathered from numerous sources, that the Russian Communist government was still under powerful Jewish influ- ence; also Jewish soldiers from Russia and Poland in the U. S. Army told me something of this power. (I don't think they themselves realized its magnitude.) But here it is again, from one who ought to know. Levine wrote of meeting world-famous Jewish surgeons, a Jewish gen- eral, and many other high government officials of Jewish origin. "It was apparent — and even the sketchiest of observations would have disclosed it — that the Soviet Jews participate fully and freely on every level of gov- ernment activity." He went much stronger than that in Chicago, (on the 12th floor at 32 West Randolph Street) on the night of October 30, 1946, saying that many of the high ranking government officials were Jewish, and explain- ing one of the devices which, I believe, has kept the Russian people them- selves much in the dark as to the extent of Jewish control over them: Many of the Jewish officials "did not look, Jewish, but they spoke to me privately in Hebrew or Yiddish. " He implied what we find confirmed from other sources, that the "miracle" by which all anti-Semitism had been "wiped out" in Russia in one generation was the weapon of Liquidation or exile to Siberia. "One does not dare be anti-Semitic in Russia," he wrote. This undoubtedly is the real secret behind the iron curtain — the power of the highly organized, utterly ruthless Marxist wing of Russian Jewry. It terrorized anti-Communist Jews, the same as anti-Communist Gentiles, for a time: but Levine, in the article previously quoted, relates how they have opened their synagogues again and the Jewish people again enjoy complete religious freedom. Now that the Christian church has been vir- tually exterminated, it may be the intent of the Russian government to per- mit religious freedom. How can we know for sure? THE PRIVILEGED CLASS This reminds me of Kravchenko's pitiful story of the complete and utter degradation of the Russian family, the closing of their Christian churches, the killing and deporting of the kulaks — the farmers. Nowhere in all the articles and reports I have read of the Russian scene have I found any indication that the non-Jewish people enjoyed or now enjoy any such privileges as Levine reports for the Jewish people there. Krav- chenko writes a pitiful chapter in / Chose Freedom on seeing the privileged persons evacuated in Packard automobiles with their families or mistresses as the Hitler armies approached, and of how other people were forced at bayonet point to remain behind, to let the Nazi armies pass and then 23 harass them with underground activities at great personal risk. He de- scribes the bitterness as intense. Levine wrote, "And at the outset of the war, as we all know, Jews were among the first evacuated from the western regions threatened by the Hitlerite invaders, and shipped to safety east of the Urals." Thus Levine tells us the privileged persons saved from the Nazis were Jewish. He said 2,000,000 of them were thus saved. (Were the privileged class of whom Kravchenko wrote among these?) Another observer writes of seeing Jews vacationing in luxury at resorts on the Black Sea, while Gentiles starved in Russian mills. This was just before the War. Is it any wonder that Jews the world over are interested in the Soviet Union? Even if we had no other documentary evidence to substantiate Levine's report — even if he were manufacturing considerable of it to swing American Jewry into the Marxist movement — their inclination in that direc- tion would be understandable — except those who were sickened at the mass killings. W . L. White, in his new book, Report on the Poles, (condensed in the December, 1946, issue of Reader's Digest) estimates that only about 50 per cent, of the Polish Communist government are Jewish. An official representative of that government has told me that he believes White's estimate "conservative." Sokolsky reports that anti-Semitism is raging in Poland worse than anywhere else at any time in history. The Poles understand Communism. Reports on Roumania and Hungary indicate great bitterness among the Christians, the same as in Poland, because of their fathomless fear of the radical Jewish element in their government. White states that many Jews in Poland, before Russia took over, opposed the march of Communism. He says that the Polish Communist Party was dominated by Jews, who comprised about 70 per cent, of the total Party membership; but the Party itself was small. I have reputable Jewish magazines and other publications issued during the war stating that many a Catholic and Protestant in Poland, including some Catholic priests, risked their lives to hide Jews from the Nazis. It may be there was much firm friendship and not very widespread Communism among the Polish peoples, Jews and Gentiles, before Russia look over. In the army I found very little pro-Communist sentiment among our Gentile Poles; I did find considerable among the Jewish Poles. I have statements from trusted sources that many of the richest Jews in the Baltic states turned Communist overnight when the Red army came in. But this is not proof that they would have been Communist had the Baltics remained "free." They had little choice; embracing Communism for them was easy. Resistance meant punishment, while as converts they would ex- pect favored treatment at the hands of the Russian government. Eye witnesses say they immediately began helping the Reds liquidate Christians. 24 Our own government and all governments understood that it was the Bolshevik element among the Jewish people who took over Russia in the October Revolution of 1917. A report by our own American In- telligence Service in 1919, never released in America but published in Paris {Documentation Catholique, issue of March 6, 1920), listed the names of the 25 leading Bolshevik officials, 24 of whom were shown as Jewish. The 25th, Lenin, married to a Jewess. (Some authorities insist that Lenin was half Jewish.) Heading the list of the 24 was, of course, L. Trotsky (Bronstein of New York). Broadly, this report 'was confirmed in a British White Paper "Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, April, 1919" now a rare document, a photographed copy of which I have in safe keeping. This document was suppressed almost immediately after it was presented to Parliament, and when it reappeared the entire reference to the Jewish in- fluence had been deleted. I will presently have a copy of the censored edition also. Originals are in safekeeping in several English and Irish university libraries. The Jewish Transcript of Seattle, Washington, of May 29, 1936, said: "The Communists are Jewish controlled." Winston Churchill, in a speech on the floor of Parliament in 1919, reviewing the Revolution, also brought out the fact of Jewish Bolshevik domination. "The Past Days of the Romanoffs," by Robert Wilton, an Englishman who served as an officer in the Russian army and was in an excellent position to observe; official reports made to President Woodrow Wilson and to the British government, and many reports by individuals, substantiate the fact that the power was seized by Jewish elements of the Bolshevik Party in the October Revolution of 1917. The money which went from New York City to finance the Revolution was raised and sent by American Jewish bankers, some of them not likely Bolsheviks them- selves but rather anxious for revenge against a Czarist government which had committed pogroms against the Jews of Russia. This money, never- theless, was placed in the hands of the Jewish element of the Bolshevik Communist Party in Russia — not in the hands of Gentile Bolsheviks — and it made possible the buying of arms and ammunition, the printing and distribution of seditious revolutionary literature among soldiers of the Russian armies, the feeding and financing of Communist agents, the setting up of governmental machinery. It was supplemented, to be sure, by funds stolen and seized in Russia.
THEY CAPTURED THE NKVD Douglas Reed, in his Insanity Fair, published in 1938 in England, told of his official visit to Moscow accompanying Anthony Eden, and of finding the entire press censorship service in the hands of Jews. Other observers confirm his statements. The terror, however, was more directly due, I think, to the fact that 25 much of the NKVD -was staffed by Bolshevik Jews — cruel to all religious peoples, anti-Communist Jews and Gentiles alike, but particularly bent on annihilation of Christians. The GPU (NKVD) and its successors have been virtually the government since the Revolution. This terroristic secret police throws fear into every man in Russia except possibly Stalin. It is now in command of an estimated 20,000,000 slaves in work and prison camps, and in recent years has developed all Russian heavy industry ■with slave labor. It apparently no longer waits for -workers to commit offenses or even to be suspected of sabotage or anti-Semitism, but deliber- ately impresses -workmen by the million. It is at last the full realization of Marx's dream of complete enslavement of "enemy" peoples. Henry Jagoda (or Yagoda), "merciless head of the NKVD," as Kravchenko described him, was a Jew. Succeeding Jagoda, after he him- self was liquidated in 1937 for reasons -we may never know — but most likely jealousy — Yezhov took over. He too was Jewish. The head of this machine for annihilation would have to be a prime hater of Christians and of all anti-Communists, and above all of anyone accused of being anti- Semitic. Beria, last head of the NKVD before its recent division into domestic and foreign branches of secret police, is reportedly an Armenian from Georgia; but his picture shows such pronounced Jewish features as to throw considerable doubt on his origin. The story that he is an Armenian or a Georgian may be a cover. All through the great liquidation of the officers of the Red army, of the Old Bolsheviks (including the original, largely Jewish Politburo) and hundreds of thousands of others in Stalin's domain in the middle and late 1930's, we were mystified as to the reason for the purge. We have been told repeatedly that the accusations -were false. Perhaps an anti-Semitic plot was suspected — though this reason -would not answer for all cases, because many prominent Jews were liquidated too. In the trials and brutal "investigations" as described by many a writer, seldom was it possible even for the accused to discover any cause for his persecution. Most often the charge was sabotage. It is clear, on reflec- tion, that i f the victim -was suspected o f being anti-Semitic, the NKVD could not afford to say so, because millions of liquidations on charges of anti-Semitism would breed more anti-Semitism. This is the only plausible explanation I have found. Our government could doubdess enlighten us on these facts of history. It is to its eternal discredit that it has not seen fit to do so; and for concealing a truth of such significance we may all suffer. Some Jews have repudiated Marxism. The correspondent who got the first interview -with Stalin, a second -writer who -was married to a lady assistant commissar, and a third -who was pro-Communist and in Moscow during the Revolution, today are in the battle against Communism. 2 6 Here is what Dr. Oscar Levy wrote in 1920 in a letter used as the preface to a book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, by G. Pitt Rivers: "Jewish elements provide the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of this world . . . to the intense idealism of the Jew." He pointed out, however, that not all Jews are financiers, Zionists or Bolsheviks. He continued, "We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in land- ing you in a new Hell. . . . I look at this world and I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . . . But its authors themselves are unconscious in this as in all they are doing." I do not have a copy of this book but believe it still available in big libraries. I am sure that if the average idealistic young American of any race who has become innoculated with the hate hypnosis, and therefore has become a captive and tool of these rulers of the Marxist world, could open his eyes and accept the facts he would abandon Communism. If he could look back into undeniable source books of facts and see that Communism from the very outset was invented as a vehicle to sell to gullible peoples, wrapped up in a package to appeal to both Jew and Gentile, for the one purpose of elevating the Marxist radicals to world power over their fellow men — nobody but the power seekers themselves would be Marxists. But the pitiable, misled petty Communist soon becomes so intense in his hatred of all anti-Communists and is so thoroughly grounded and goaded, he rejects historical facts as propaganda. WHAT IS COMMUNISM? In the matter of the history of Marxism, all of us can learn a valuable lesson if we will. We should remember the story: Jews were at the head of the revolutionary groups leading up to and during the Communist Revolution of Germany of 1848. They were too conspicuous. The revolu- tion largely failed — for this and other reasons. And the people of Ger- many and Austria never forgot or forgave the Jewish people; they held all Jews responsible for Communism. They seemed to believe that all Jews hated Christianity. slnti-Semitism never died in those countries thereafter. This fact should make American J eivs repudiate the radicals who are try- ing to herd them into the Red camp. No movement in history has been so successfully deceptive, so com- plete a fraud as Marxism. Americans do not understand it. I hear it said that not fifty of us really do understand it in its entirety. Marxist propa- ganda agents are well schooled and well financed; they create confusion; they deny all facts; and the average person will not think the movement through, even when equipped with a mass of factual information. 27 The principal reason for this failure to understand the core of the movement is that we look at the means rather than the end. We are thinking of business instead of people. We think and speak of Commu- nism as state ownership of all capital wealth. That is only a device which helps the planners accomplish their purpose. Destroy private ownership of property and every man, woman and child is at the mercy of the State by next meal time. The purpose for which Communism was perfected by Karl Marx and his associates, largely radical Jews, was to place world political power in their hands — to give people power over other people. If this sounds ridiculous, I agree with you; but I must remind you that Na- poleon and Caesar and Alexander and Hitler and Stalin all have dreamed of world power — to the misery of mankind. There is one history-making difference in the Marxist reach for world power and that of a Caesar. The men on horseback were individuals grasping for power. Marxism (or Communism) is a program. It did not die with the power seekers who carried it to perfection. // ivas perfected by a small group of haters and it is the doctrine of hate. The greatest hater of all time was Marx. He was an atheist. He hated all religion, but above all, he hated Christianity. He even hated Judaism (the religion) as the parent of Christianity. He and his circle believed they could elevate themselves to power prin- cipally by spreading hatred, and their main theme song, whispered among Jews ever since by Red agents, was to fan Jewish hatred of Christianity, and promise Jews that through Marxism they would triumph over their Biblical "enemies," the Gentiles. From its outset, the movement was basically Marxism versus Christianity. The Marx program was broader than may appear in the brief statement above. It would take a shelf of books to bring all its facets into focus. It offers the most beautiful idealism, such as world peace, but does not mention that the price of a Communist peace is slaver} 7 . It is a case of the spider and the fly. Marx and his radicals thought they could rouse to class hatred, race hatred, religious hatred, against the existing order, enough workers and minority groups in one country to seize power, espe- cially to seize all industry and productive wealth — not for themselves, mind you, but for the little clique of Marxist conspirators, who made them extravagant promises. Meanwhile his agents would be organizing secret police and other suppressive squads and propaganda machines and sabotage cells in other countries, especially industrial countries. They would organize the workers into what they termed trade unions, under strict discipline by dictatorial leaders. Once a victor} 7 in one country, that nation's men and machines would be hurled at other countries in combined operations with Fifth Columns. Soon the world would be a Marx apple.
The plan put Marx and his radical Jewish circle in command at the outset of the movement, and everywhere Communism has traveled, in Russia, in Poland, in the Baltics, the Balkans, France, Italy, England, the United States, Central and South America, Africa, and now into Japan, it has sought to deify the Jew. Marx published his pamphlet, "Communist Manifesto," in 1848. He thought his crowd would win that year in Germany; but the Communist revolution there virtually failed and he fled to England, where, abusing privileges of freedom, he plotted for many years to destroy freedom. Next year will end a century of Marxist agitation, labor union organ- izing for political power and building of Fifth Columns. Thirty years ago the Marxist crowd succeeded in seizing one potentially great military power. They can now hurl that against others. We shall soon see whether Com- munism will wipe out the age of freedom or shall be turned back. Stalin is a Georgian, though some of our Jews have been made to be- lieve him Jewish. He is, however, married to the sister of Kaganovich, Jewish commissar of heavy industry. Kaganovich long was considered Stalin's closest friend and second in influence in all the Russias. He still is powerful. Molotov's wife is Jewish, the sister of Samuel Carp of Bridge- port, Conn. Manuilsky, as Levine told us, was raised Jewish. Manuil- sky is a power in the Soviet Union, often mentioned as a possible successor to Stalin. He is head of the government of the Ukraine and head of the Communist International. Of Stalin, Louis Levine had this to say in his article in "Soviet Russia Today": "The Jewish people are unanimous in their love for Stalin. They regard him as the greatest friend of the Jewish people. They attribute to his understanding of national minorities and to his leadership the new, exalted status of the Soviet Jews. "(Emphasis is mine.) Levine also tells us that Stalin's daughter is to marry a Jew. "I need not add that the Soviet Jews greeted with joy the news that Stalin and the father of his prospective Jewish son-in-law drank 'lachaim' together in the Kremlin!" Any supposition that Jews are fleeing from official Russian persecution should be quieted once and for all time by that single statement. (The New York-Moscow Red Axis is moving Jews out of Eastern Europe into Palestine to increase the Communist-Zionist underground there, tightening the pressure on Britain.) Elsewhere in the same article Levine said, "It is important to point out that the Soviet Jews, as the entire population, are one with the Soviet government. There is absolutely no distinction between themselves and the government, as some have tried to make out." "All believed that the final solution to the Jewish problem lies in the victory of full democracy throughout the world, in the struggle for the 29 complete eradication of fascism whenever it threatens or wherever it exists." To understand this statement you must use the word democracy as Levine and the Soviet Communists use it: meaning Communism; and you must translate the word fascism as meaning simply all forces opposed to Communism. This makes the statement mean, clearly, that the Jewish people of Russia told Levine the solution to the Jewish problem through- out the world lies in the world wide victory for Communism. Rev. Denis Fahey of the Holy Ghost Missionary College, Dublin, Ireland, widely known historian, in his well documented booklet, "The Rulers of Russia" printed in 1940, reproduces excerpts from a number of rare documents, naming the leaders of Russia at various periods since the Revolution, contending that there has been no diminution of Jewish power in the government. Some of the lists of leaders can be cross-checked by other documents, or methods. For instance, one document shows that fourteen out of seventeen Soviet ambassadors to foreign capitals in 1935- 1936 were Jewish, two of the other three with Jewish staffs. Maisky, am- bassador to Great Britain, headed the list. His real name is given in the International Who's Who for 1943-1944 as I. M. Layakhovetsky. I am sure it would not be difficult to verify the racial origin of all on this list, since each was well known in the country where he was stationed. As previously stated, it is of the greatest importance to the successful radical Jews to keep the Gentile world, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, in the dark about their power. My information is lamentably limited, but I have evidence of the use of the following devices to conceal their strength: 1. Influence by Jewish organizations (The Jewish Anti-Fascist Com- mittee, for example, mentioned by Levine, operating with greater influence, no doubt, than the Political Action Committee behind the New Deal). 2. Promotion to important posts of Russians married to Jews. 3. Changing of names of Jewish officials. 4. Placing in high position Jews who "do not look Jewish." 5. The "hidden director" device whereby one who appears to be only a clerk or petty aide, occupying an inconspicuous office, is the real director of a bureau or commission (as, for instance, the Soviet Purchasing Com- mission to the United States at one time during the war. Kravchenko does not give any reason for the invention of this device, but he states that it is frequently used in the Soviet Union. Russia uses this device in di- recting the Communist Party of the U.S.A. Gerhardt Eisler, a German Jew, reportedly has been the invisible director — known to only the top Communists and therefore deceiving all the little Communist tools.) 6. Placing responsibility on men who were raised Jewish — as in the case of Manuilsky. Kravchenko (I Chose Freedom) recorded that Mekhlis, the political commissar over all the Red armies, had to be removed because he was 30 Jewish and the Nazi propaganda machine was striking telling blows at the morale of the Russian soldiers by capitalizing on this fact. The position of political director over all the Red armies is one of the most powerful positions in the Soviet government. To summarize briefly the power of Jews in Soviet Russia . . . such power no longer is absolute, as it once was, in the sense of holding all the top flight positions. But the entire Communist regime is theirs. It is their mental offspring. The thinking of Stalin, Molotov and all Communists the world over is so conditioned as to exalt the Jew over the Gentile. If Stalin ordered the destruction of millions of hardy kulak land owners, 99 per cent of them Gentiles, and if he has destroyed millions of Christians, he is doing the bidding of Karl Marx and his heirs. The Communist ad- ministration, utterly unlike the non-conspiratorial Russian people, holds its strength largely from the mass of Jewish converts. Without them the Marxist regime would simply become another dictatorship, losing its racial ideology and its Internationalism. Communism has been a movement of the left wing of Jewry from its birth; it still is their instrument and their tool, in Russia as elsewhere. Perhaps the secret is not too well kept. There are conflicting reports. Whereas Levine says there is no such thing as anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, in the Detroit Times, August 4, 1946, declared that racial feeling was running high there. He says that those Polish Jews who cherish democracy fear the slave camps of Siberia; they will not go to Russia. Perhaps they sense the probability of a counter- revolution in the land of the Soviets. Little can be known, however, by asking what the Polish Jews want, because they today are mercilessly herded and propagandized and torn by Jewish organizations in the United States, England and Palestine, and Moscow. If anti-Semitism is rising again, after 20,000,000 Russians have been killed or shipped off to slave labor camps (Kravchenko's estimate) — the futility of the Revolution should speak eloquently to all peoples, including Jews, outside the blackout curtain. The peoples of Eastern Europe all along have been better informed than we on the racial complexion of Communism. That's one reason why they have resisted it so desperately. They knew it would completely devastate their civilization. Spokesmen of several of these countries, men of influence and integrity, from Poland and the Baltics, have told me that their people, living against the Iron Curtain, were able to "see through holes in the Curtain" and understood what was going on inside Russia. The people of Hungary have not forgotten that it was the Jewish terrorist, Bela Kun, Communist revolutionary leader, who right after the first World War wrote his name across Eastern Europe in the blood of hundreds of thousands of Christians. Our diplomatic staffs in Finland, Poland, the Baltic states and Roumania likewise must have understood the racial theme. An official of the Swiss government has told me how much better informed are his people than we Americans on the Communist scourge. 
There are several reasons why we have so little understood the basic 
principle behind the Red terror. Originally it was kindness on the part 
of our editors which deleted any reference to the fact that the conspirators 
in Russia were largely Jewish; it was kindness toward our own Jewish 
community. Who could foresee that such kindness would be so vastly 
taken advantage of by the Jewish wing of world Communism, propagan- 
dizing here among us to provide special immunities for the Jew in prepara- 
tion for Jewish domination of the Revolution? 

When, years ago, the Anti-Defamation League began working on our 
editors, including the wire services, it was only natural for the editors 
to yield as a matter of tolerance. As far back as the middle 1930s the 
League was boasting, in confidential communications not meant for Gen- 
tile readers, that it had been successful in "securing cooperation of the 
Associated Press in eliminating the word 'Jew' in connection with one 
accused of crime." (Photographic copy in my possession.) Under this 
agreement the Jewish origin of Louie (Lepke) Buchalter, genius behind 
Murder, Inc., was seldom if ever seen in the daily press. Under this agree- 
ment the fact that nearly all the conspirators behind the Red throne in 
Moscow were Jewish rarely has been seen in print here in America. 

We 'would all be happy to forget these ugly facts; but because of the 
manner in which Communist agents have been able to impose on toler- 
ance, it is now of the greatest importance that we understand the true na- 
ture of the Communist organization and the true purpose of the movement. 

One other condition has contributed widely to our ignorance of the 
racial involvement in the Soviet regime: the fact that since the first world 
war we have received most of our "news" from Northeastern Europe — 
along the path of Moscow — from correspondents who were almost univer- 
sally pro-Communist Jews. They were not Americans. Few of them ever 
saw America. And seldom was there an ^American correspondent on the 
scene to verify or correct or deny the nature of the dispatches. The local 
correspondents sold their dispatches, often fabricated or colored, to London 
and New York for good pounds and dollars; while in Moscow proper only 
pro-Communist dispatches were permitted. 

Today, after this long blackout of truth and against the present power 
of intimidation of the Anti-Defamation League, it is difficult indeed to 
get the full facts before the American public. The writer or Intelligence 
officer who reports them immediately becomes the target of the smear 
fury. He is discredited so thoroughly that his neighbors may refuse to 
believe him. 

The glimpse behind the Soviet blackout curtain does not complete the 
scene of activities and plans of the ambitious, ruthless left-wing of the 
Jewish world community. Not long ago I came into possession of some 
pamphlets issued by a large, influential Marxist-Jewish group in America, 
which tie up Communism with the Jewish people and with Political Zion- 
ism, ("Political" as contrasted with "Religious Zionism," the latter purely 


a spiritual concept), in a plan for world-wide power. Before the activities 
of all propagandizing organization and defaming secret police here at 
home can be fully understood, it is important to understand this world 
political plan. Communism itself is a world political plan, but the pam- 
phlets bring out rather clearly the belief on the part of the Jewish Marxists 
that it is they who will dominate the Communist International (their man, 
Manuilsky, is now its head): and they tempt the rank and file Jew by 
picturing his race as destined to triumph, assuring him special privilege. 
They have transferred the "chosen people" theme of the Old Testament 
from the sphere of religion to the sphere of temporal power. They even 
proselyte among Jewish religious groups by promising that while all religion 
is ostensibly to be destroyed by Communism, in fact, the "secret, solitary 
worship of the Jew", as perfected in slavery 2500 years ago, will survive 
the time of religious suppression and eventually, after all other religion is 
killed, Judaism will flourish "without opposition." 

Much of this program is contained in a pamphlet entitled, " The Jewish 
People Face the Postwar World." The pamphlet 'was published by the 
Morning Freiheit Association. 35 E. 12th St., New York 3, N. Y., and 
sub-tided "Report to the first yearly conference of the national board of 
directors of the Morning Freiheit Association, Nov. 10 and 11, 1945." 
The Morning Freiheit Association publishes The Morning Freiheit, an 
openly Communistic daily in the Yiddish language, for which it claims 
a circulation of approximately 70,000, and reputedly is read by about 
300,000 persons. Its readers are principally in New York, but the paper 
circulates nationally and has distribution offices, supported by branch or 
affiliated "associations," in several cities. 

The first page of the pamphlet — the official report of this large, power- 
ful association — makes its pro-Soviet sentiments clear. Speaking of the 
"imperialist reaction of American finance capital" of this postwar period, 
it says: "This imperialist reaction attacks and combats the democratic 
forces of all countries, particularly the most consistent representative of 
the people's democracy the Soviet Union." 

I have italicized the words democratic and democracy because to 
understand this pamphlet, like all Communist dialectic of today, you 
must use the words in the sense in which Moscow uses them: simply 
substitute the word Communism for People's democracy or democracy. 
Likewise, Fascist and anti-Semitic in this pamphlet may generally be 
translated by substituting the word capitalist or anti-Communist. Im- 
perialist reaction refers to the whole upsurge of the spirit of individual 
freedom and enterprise. 

The pamphlet thoroughly aligns itself with the Marxist movement here 
at home. "Imperialist reaction has begun an offensive against the masses 
of the American people themselves, against their economic security (sub- 
stitute government paternalism) and democratic rights, and especially 
against the American working class and the labor movement." 

This is Karl Marx himself talking — attacking the enterprise, property- 
owning system, championing the Soviet system (wherein the state itself, 
run by Communists, becomes the exploiter of man's labor). 


The author, Alexander Bittelman — a member of the executive com- 
mittee of the Communist Party, USA — sounds the alarm of rising anti- 
Semitism, abuses the "new Dies' committee and its Red-baiting." He 
then warns of the danger that in the United Nations there "will emerge a 
world coalition under American imperialist reaction . . . for its drive 
toward world domination." He then outlines the Association's plan for the 
Jewish people, to establish what appears to be world power to defeat 
the "American imperialist . . . world domination" above mentioned. 

Before going any further with this article, let me remind you that 
this Freiheit thing is not my plan; that in telling you about it and warning 
you against it I am not attacking Jews. I am merely urging all of us to 
defend ourselves against such bold revolutionary activities as Communists 
are planning. Does this brand me as anti-Semitic? The Anti-Defamation 
League will say so, I have no doubt — though at the dubious honor of siding 
with the Reds. 


Outlining the plan for "the Jewish people," first for America, the 
Association's report says to tightly organize "the forces of the growing 
labor-democratic-anti-fascist coalition," to "compel the Truman Adminis- 
tration, by criticism and sustained political struggle, to carry through in 
life a policy of democracy, economic security and world peace," to force 
the pro-Capitalist elements among the American Jews to fall into line 
by conducting "a systematic struggle against the reactionary elements — 
in the American Jewish Committee and in the Jewish Labor Committee — 
which are obstructing the struggle for Jewish rights," and to join hands 
with "forces of similar coalitions in all parts of the world and in the world 
as a whole, in which the new 'World Federation of Trade Unions' is 
destined to play a decisive role. Slnd the ultimate victory belongs pre- 
cisely to theseforces. " 

This is a remarkably plain statement, condensed from these pages of 
the pamphlet. This is the World devolution. This is the Moscow plan, 
as explained to American Jewish Communists. On page 5 the report 
points out that "The American Jewish Congress, with its divisions and 
affiliates, can become a vital and decisive force in the general labor- 
democratic-anti-fascist coalition, for the benefit of the American people 
in general and of the American Jews in particular" — if it rids itself of 
"reactionary elements." 

On page 7 the report endorses the action of the American Communist 
Party in condemning Earl Browder because he gave up Revolution in 
favour of "revisionism". 

The domestic struggle unfolds in a vitally important detail on page 8: 
"The democratic Jewish forces will have to bring forth especially the 
fight against anti-Semitism, the fight for identical legislation in each state 
to declare andpunish anti-Semitism as a criminal offense. " 

On the same page the report speaks of a "Black, Hook," of "indictment 
by the Jewish people against fascism" "which is now being prepared 


jointly, l?y the Jejvs of all countries." The names going into this book 
are of men marked for liquidation. 

In subsequent pages the report attacks (with exceptions) assimilation, 
or intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles, attacks "nationalism" (or loyalty 
to country, as contrasted with loyalty to a world order), and insists on a 
separate Jewish life in America "which is organically bound up with 
the further building of the American nation as a whole together with 
■aXXprogressipe forces of the American peoples." Emphasis is on the word 
organic, which is used in several places in the report. This apparendy 
refers to the cellular organization of the Communist Party by which one 
or two persons can control a large number. It lends itself readily to the 
uses of persons who do not wish to expose their identity or racial origin 

On page 1 6 we are shocked by the statement that . . . "Jewish life in 
America can be built only in both languages Yiddish andTELnglish, and 

for this reason we have formulated as one of our major tasks the unifica- 
tion of the Yiddish-speaking and English-speaking Jews in one common 

Jewish anti-fascist unity. We have begun this work in ourown^Lssociation 
and in our organ, the Morning Freiheit. " Substitute the word "pro- 
Communist" or: "Communist" for the word "anti-fascist." and you see 
a picture of the Jewish Communist movement regimenting its people to 
further and further separate themselves from Gentile America (except 
Gentile Communist tools) by learning a language understood only by Jews. 

Louis Levine tells us they have succeeded in making Yiddish the 
language of the court, so to speak, in Russia; only the educated, largely 
Jewish people speak it there. Now we see the plan for the new court 
language and super-race in America, if the designs of the Morning 
Freiheit Association succeed. 

A very special plan for Poland (p. 22) calls for "a free, democratic 
and strong Poland" — but it means, if you understand the dialectic, free 
from capitalist anti-Communist forces. "The Jews need this kind of 
Poland. ... In addition we have a national duty of squaring our accounts 
with fascism and anti-Semitism in the matter of Poland." Published in 
December, 1945, this statement foretold the fate of millions of Poles, since 
Poland is 98 percent. Christian. This month (January, 1947) has wit- 
nessed the "free, democratic election," and now the curtain goes down on 
pitied Poland. 

The Palestine question is understood by very few, if any, Gentiles. It 
is confused by the fact that several Jewish groups want Palestine under 
different types of concessions or political conditions — and by the fact that 
a small, wise group of American Jews don't want to be involved at all 
in the Palestine or other political issue peculiar to Jews. 

The Freiheit Association report makes unmistakably clear what the 
Communist wing of Jewry all over the world wants in Palestine. It is 
not simply a matter of relief for Jewish refugees, "not a matter of philan- 


fhropy, nor is it just an expression of human kindness. ... It is a sacred 
national duty, the duty of helping to uptoot fascism and anti-Semitism (i.e., 
anti-Communism) and to build a free and secure Jewish life." Thus 
Palestine is to be developed in accordance with the "anti-fascist" or Com- 
munist, plan. 

The Association does not want Palestine just as a homeland, an exclu- 
sively Jewish nation where Jews can live apart from other races. "The 
specific characteristic of the Jewish people, which is not a single nation, 
consists precisely in this, that out of it are growing two nationalities, one 
in Biro-Bidjan, the other in Palestine, and that these two growing Jewish 
nations are surrounded, so to speak, by Jewish settlements and communities 
in all pans of the world. This is how the Jewish people developed his- 
torically, and this is how we must continue the struggle for the culture and 
we ll-beingof the Jewish people. " 

Thus, the report insists that its people think not ever of having a 
separate country of their own, but rather of living always among other 
peoples. But throughout the pamphlet the world-wide unity of all Jews of 
all nations is demanded — to be had by force, if necessary — in the "coali- 
tion" which will exercise power over the principal governments of the world. 

In Palestine the Jews must not accept a separate state, according to this 
Communist voice; rather they must have "a Jewish national homeland in 
&Jree and democratic (Communist) Palestine, in collaboration with the 
yirabs." They want an independent Palestine, but they want it complete 
with Arabs. There are forty million Arabs in surrounding states. The 
Freiheit Jews believe they can better accomplish their ends by propagan- 
dizing and regimenting these peoples to their will; and their vehicle — as 
they themselves claim — is Communism. Extremely confident, gambling 
with the future of their own people, win all or lose all, these world con- 
spirators doubtless believe they can convert all the Moslem world to Com- 
munism — under their leadership, of course, if they are the missionaries — 
and thus add another vast empire to the Marxist world. They frankly state 
that the Soviet Union will be their pattern for "complete and final solution 
of the Jewish question. " 

Another pamphlet, "Crisis in Palestine," by Moses Miller, former 
president of the Communist Jewish People's Committee, parallels the 
Freiheit plan. Especially it calls for ousting of British and American 
"imperialism" in Palestine and turning Palestine, as an independent Arab- 

and-Jewish state, to the United Nations because the Soviet Union, the 

only country which has openly andforthrightly condemned the terror in 
Palestine, " would then have a major voice in ruling Palestine. (The 
terror referred to does not mean the terrorism of the Jewish underground, 
which these pamphlets heroize in the boldest spirit of nationalism; it 
is rather an accusation that the British law enforcement agencies are ter- 
rorists and Nazis.) 


1879 letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx:
The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands. 

As to the intent of the Jewish Communists to Communize the Arabs 
of Palestine, Miller speaks of "a consistent and persistent campaign for 
the unity of the Arab and Jewish peoples." (p. 31). In this pamphlet, 
as in the Freiheit plan and in all Communist literature and the Red press, 
it is clear that the principal weapon to be used is hatred — spreading hatred 
of the English and the Americans among the Arabs. Perhaps this would 
indicate a course for us to follow in the matter of keeping our nose out of 
other people's business. 

The report adopted by the vastly powerful Morning Freiheit Associa- 
tion envisions a world power machine which would dominate and subordi- 
nate this nation. It would create a special privileged race replenished from 
generation to generation in Palestine and Biro-Bidjan, where Jewish cul- 
ture would be rigidly cherished; and it scorns the government and the 
social and economic systems of the United States. All who subscribe to 
the Freiheit plan are guilty of disloyalty to this country by any reasonable 
standards of Military Intelligence — and we might be alarmed if we could 
see a list of famous people who may privately favor the plan as indicated 
by occasional statements in their advice to their fellow Jews, or their sub- 
rosa association with Red fronts. 

Dr. David Goldstein. Jewish Catholic, stated Feb. 2, 1947, that 
Palestine's Jews are ruled by "socialists." Other pro-American Jews in- 
sist that Communism and Zionism now are a "double-headed drive" for 
world-wide Jewish political power. 

The intimidation of Jewish people by Zionists and Communists to 
force submission to the plan was given recently by a prominent Canadian 
Orthodox Jew. Dr. I. M. Rabinowitch, as the reason so few loyal Jews 
were speaking up against the disgrace of disloyalty to the Crown. Explain- 
ing that Religious Zionism was only a spiritual concept and repudiating 
Political Zionism, and saying that the strictly Orthodox Jew wanted it 
known that he was loyal to his country and to no other country, Dr. Rabino- 
witch, in an address before the Canadian Club of Montreal, carried in full 
in the December, 1946, issue of Destiny, said the silence "may be ascribed 
to three reasons: confusion, intimidation and disgust. The confusion is not 
difficult to understand. Intimidation, I refused to believe for some time. 
I now know it to be a fact. In Palestine . . . there is now the Hagana 
movement which reminds one of Hitler' s youth Movement. . . . Outside 
of Palestine the intimidation is not so complete, but it is by no means 

We have seen the plan. We have seen that there are "reactionary ele- 
ments" in American Jewry who have not been "sold" or coerced to abandon 
Americanism and join the selfish movement. We have seen that many 
of the Orthodox Jews are terrorized in soul if not in body at the spectacle 
unfolding before their eyes. 

But in the first paragraph of this month's (January, 1947) issue of 
The National Jewish Monthly, the official publication of the B'nai B'rith, 
we learn that support for the United Jewish Appeal, largely for Palestine, 
is such that a goal of $215,000,000 has been set for contributions for the 
year 1947, $170,000,000 of this to be raised in the United States, the 
balance in other XX^estern Hemisphere nations. I repeat: Two Hundred 
Fifteen Million dollars. 

Yet this vast sum indicates "less the extent of Jewish need than the 
growing awareness of that need." 

Is this just for relief? If so, we will all contribute. But the picture is 
so confused, so appalling we do not understand it. Why are the American 
people not belter informed on the great movements stalking the world 
today? Why has our government allowed conspiracies to so confuse us 
that often we cannot choose intelligently? Given proper information we 
might understand whether to join in with the United Jewish Appeal or 
to insist that such vast sums going out of our country into the hands of 
other people be handled exclusively by a government relief committee 
composed of men whose philosophy and political connections are well 

The Associated Press has just published a breakdown of the $170,- 
000,000 to be raised in the U. S. Quoting Henry Morgenthau, Jr., 
one of the fund raisers, "More than one-half of it is to be used for 
Jewish relief in Burope." Another 40 per cent will go to the United 
Palestine relief in constructive activities in that land, and the balance 
foraidofjeivish immigrants who come to this country. " 

That which goes to Jewish relief surely nobody will begrudge. But 
what use is to be made of the $68,000,000 for "constructive activities" 
in Palestine? Will any of this vast sum go to support the Freiheit plan? 
Will it get into the hands of the Palestine Communist Party or its infil- 
trating agents? Will any of these millions find their way into propaganda 
among the Arabs to make them hate America? 

After the pogroms of Europe under the Nazis you 'would think these 
radical Jews would be willing to let their people alone in America, a coun- 
try where they have enjoyed excellent community relationships; but on 
the other hand they appear to have gone insane over the triumph of their 
relatives in the Soviet Union. They ignore the fact that it cost the blood 
of millions of Gentiles and many Jews to accomplish the Marxist triumph 
there, and the further, appalling fact that a counter-revolution is almost 
sure to come in time, perhaps wiping out all their brutally gotten gains. 


All but two of the great nations of Christendom of thirty years ago 
now are gone or whittled down to impotency or lie sick from internal dis- 
orders and lack of united courage and spiritual strength. For this wreck- 
ing of the greatest civilization of the ages we can thank the Marxist move- 
ment. Now the two remaining great peoples, themselves suffering from an 
indigestible lump of Marxism in their stomachs, are being subjected to the 
merciless scourge of propaganda which seeks to throw one against the other, 


in order to leave Stalin free to move and mate and slay at will on the 
world's chess board — the Dardanelles, the Suez, the Mediterranean, per- 
haps China, perhaps our neighbors in Central and South America, where 
the Revolution has risen swiftly in the past year. 

A recent dispatch pictures the pitiful plight of one of the great Chris- 
tian nations of a third of a century ago. It is sent by Manchester Boddy, 
publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News, who often, before going to 
Europe, had been accused of leaning toward the Left: "What I found in 
the Hof area adds evidence to the uncomfortable feeling that the German 
nation — that is, the collective people of Germany — are disappearing as an 
entity like a block of disintegrating ice in a relentless sea." 

Pity the world caught in the cosmic ray of hatred and Master Race 

To separate us from Britain and lay both nations open to the fate of 
Germany — or Russia — the Red propagandists are representing Britain to 
us as Nazi-like persecutors of Jewish refugees in Palestine. We are sup- 
posed now to begin hating Britons as we hated the Nazis. Ben Hecht's 
play, A Flag is horn, is so extreme in spreading this disease of hate that 
the British have protested its showing. There is talk that Hollywood is to 
release one or more pictures on the same theme. Reds control nearly all 
the writing for Hollywood films. Hollywood has measureless influence 
over American audiences. If you doubt that it can incite us to war, remem- 
ber the hysterical hatred of the Nazis which swept the country as film after 
film was released dramatizing Nazis' brutality. If you doubt that Holly- 
wood is largely biased in favor of Red Fascism, just try to remember a 
single film picturing the current threatening dictator as a Hitler. On the 
Red Square in Moscow they "Heil" and goose-step with no less vicious 
intent than the Nazis under Hitler, but our film producers don't drama- 
tize it. 

The real danger is here at home. Several millions of our people have 
been so confused and misguided I am afraid they would side with the 
Soviets in case of a Revolution here which appeared likely to succeed. 
This condition would have been intolerable enough in the days when 
wars and revolutions were fought man to man. Today it is immeasurably 
more dangerous, with the minority much in control of propaganda ma- 
chines with which to fire the public mind and. at the timely moment, create 
hysteria and confusion. Anti-Communists have great difficulty in get- 
ting in a word over the ether telling us about the Communist menace and 
the Fifth Column: the FCC has stood like a watchdog favoring the Left 
for several years. Privately financed pressure groups, the Gestapos, in 
turn stand watching the F C C as well as the radio outlets, as well as the 
movie production studios and the press, ready to defame and intimidate 
any opposition to Communism which threatens to become influential. 

Sitting on this atomic-bomb dump we continue to think in terms of the 
last war — a war in which soldiers did the fighting. Our next war is more 
likely to be fought by civilians, at least unless we can do something about 
our massive Fifth Column. By organized sabotage our major cities all 
could be laid low in a few hours by super-explosives smuggled across our 


borders or out of our atomic stores, planted and timed to a predetermined 
D-D ay. By injecting new poisons into water systems, a few squads, in- 
filtrating public utilities as employees, likewise could paralyse the urban 
population of the country. The Four Horsemen could spread new and 
deadly disease before they could be apprehended. 

For the first time in history there are weapons which make world dic- 
tatorship a possibility. Is it by some diabolical plan of Satan that at the 
same time there is — also for the first time in history — a movement which 
seriously threatens all governments and all peoples? 

At this convergence of military science with political conspiracy we 
have done a most amazing thing: We have placed the Manhattan Project 
— meaning our entire atomic fission industry, with its supposed secrets — 
in the hands of a board which is so suspect that Army officers have refused 
to deliver the secrets to them, short of a direct order from the President. 

Here is what the Los Angeles Examiner said of three members of 
the board (January 9, 1947): 

"David E. Lilienthal, head of the board, is a long-time ardent New 
Dealer and a member of at least two Communist-dominated organizations 
(unless he has resigned very recently), the National Lawyers Guild and 
the Southern Conference of Human Welfare. 

"The FBI and the House Committee on un-American activities hold 
these groups to be potentially subversive, aligned with the world move- 
ment to overthrow this government. 

"Associated with Lilienthal on the atomic energy board is Lewis E. 
Strauss, also a New Dealer, and a member of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, 
international banking firm. Americans traditionally distrust International 
bankers, remembering how many of them have figured in world power 
politics and exploitation. 

"A third member of the atomic energy board, William W. Waymack, 
editor of the Des Moines Register, reportedly is listed in the potentially 
subversive files of the FBI and the House Committee on un-American 
activities. Waymack is vice-president of the Americans United for World 
Government, and a member of the pro-Soviet National Committee for 
Civilian Control of Atomic Energy. He also was a sponsor of a group 
working for 'medical aid to Soviet Russia' and a speaker before the Com- 
munist Russian War Relief — as reported in the pro-Communist maga- 
zine, 'Soviet Russia Today'. 

"It is to be hoped that the new Congress will act swiftly to have these 
men replaced by persons who believe unequivocally in America and whom 
the public and the Army and the Congress can trust." 

If you read in the pages of history that a great nation placed a world- 
conquering secret in the hands of five men, three of whom were known 
to be friendly to a nation admittedly hostile and long bent on world con- 
quest, what would you think? 


The "bee" is on us. We indict ourselves for acts of our government 
which we tolerate. Then should we say: Never in history were there 
so many fools in one nation at one time! 


It is the world picture of thirty years of killing and degradation — the 
picture of Siberian slave camps, of Dachau and Belsen, of Revolution in 
Spain — much of it due to racial hatred — which comes before us as we wit- 
ness an Anti-Defamation League movie of exaggerated racism here at 
home. It is the Freiheit plan for creating a Yiddish speaking Master 
Race here and all over the world, following the pattern of the Soviet 
Union, and joining hands with that blood-drenched government, which 
comes to mind when we hear a "tailored" radio program or a speaker 
"educating" our children by attacking patriotism and loyalty to western 
traditions and culture. It is the picture of the curtain now closing on 
Christian Poland which comes to mind when we see propaganda designed 
to create a Brahman privileged race in America through the passage of 
the mis-called Fair Employment Practices measure and laws making anti- 
Semitism a crime. 

The time is late but not too late perhaps for a counter-revolution of 
truth-telling and for drastic government action to break up the secret 
defamation leagues, the Communist Party and all other groups which 
prey on racism and Anglo-Saxon idealism. We must discredit the false 
leadership which makes use of the Jewish people for selfish ends, and 
throw our support to the wiser leaders who stand for normal community 
relationships among all races. 

I cannot quit this subject without mentioning a few of the wide range 
of changes which may be necessary or advisable in preventing catastrophe. 

First we should recognize the enemy for what he is the enef/ry. Despite 

his deception he has made it clear at all times that he is out to destroy us, 
by force if necessary, and to set up a Communist regime under Moscow 
domination. We should strike first. To wait for the enemy, internal and 
external, to strike would be insane, giving him all the advantage. Our 
economy, under a staggering debt, will not permit us to maintain forever 
a $12,000,000,000 annual budget for men and machines of defense, made 
necessary by the existence of both an internal and an external threat. We 
need an offensive to prevent the expected offensive. 

What kind of offensive would be American? 

Externally, we should start rolling back the Red tide all over the 
fringe states and inside Russia itself by a propaganda offensive of truth- 
telling, informing the people of the truth about America and about their 
own vicious leaders and encouraging them to form resistance groups. You 
may say they are helpless, having no arms: but there usually appears a 
leader if the tension becomes great enough — one of their powerful Army 
generals might side with his people against the tight little circle of Destroy- 
ers; and guerilla groups always find ways to smuggle in small arms. A 


few hundred million dollars spent on a propaganda war might help pre- 
vent "the next way" — which would cost too many billions of dollars and 
too much human life to dwell on the subject. 

Above all, we must break up the interlocking Red conspiracies here at 
home and prevent them from re-establishing leadership and spreading propa- 
ganda. If drastic measures are required, they still are preferable to the 
alternative of a modern civil war. Strong aggressive action might bring us 
many years of peace. 

I list here some proposals for consideration: 

1. Outlaw Communism as a vehicle of a foreign power aiming at 
destruction of this government; arrest agents for Communistic activities. 
Would we recognize Hitler's machine operating in America, or permit 
Murder. Inc., to organize our youth in every city? It was never intended 
that the Constitution should extend protection to its enemies; that watch- 
dog over human rights does not (and could not) guarantee freedom and 
at the same time license to destroy freedom. 

2. Since it is the responsibility of the FBI to watch the civilian front, 
recognize this agency as a fourth military defensive arm and enormously 
increase its strength to cope with an unwieldy enemy. Give it rein to 
act — to seize organizations and files and individuals inimical to our form 
of government (Nazi, Fascist and Communist). 

3. Instruct the Attorney General to act vigorously to provide legal 
machinery so that the work of the FBI may be accomplished — and so that 
innocent citizens, should they too be falsely accused, may have a speedy 
hearing. (It must not be supposed that there would be widespread 
persecution of innocents under such a campaign; courts — like Military 
Intelligence — would have no time for the innocuous cases; their atten- 
tion 'would be required by the flagrant, dangerous cases, with long records 
of activities.) 

4. Clean out the Reds from key positions in the Armed forces and 
from all government jobs. 

5. Change guard at the Federal Communication Commission, substi- 
tuting persons who cannot be influenced by radical un-American groups. 
This is of the greatest importance, permitting radio commentators to ex- 
plain to the people fully every fact and phase of the Red menace. An 
informed public can whip Communism. 

6. Stop the illegal tide of immigration. Despite the secrecy of our 
Immigration Service and cooperating agencies on this subject — a secrecy 
utterly without justification and which could be desired only for con- 
cealing enormous irregularities — some of our Congressional spokesmen 
now claim that hundreds of thousands of European immigrants, largely 
Jewish, are coming across our borders, legally and illegally. From my 
own studies of immigrants from Eastern Europe during the war, I know 
that among them are many pro-Communists. (Many of these immigrants, 


drafted into the Army, were granted citizenship after 90 days' service, and 
the War Department encouraged this process by pressuring Commanding 
officers and Intelligence officers.) But all Jewish immigrants, Communist 
and anti-Communist, immediately after arrival are under strong pressure 
to side with the Marxist groups, and most of them will have to yield. 

7. Find an adequate home for the homeless Jews of Europe and for all 
pro-Communist Jewish aliens in America. It is downright stupid to say 
that there is no place left on this big earth for them. There are undeveloped 
fertile stretches of geography in several sectors of the globe. I choose 
New Guinea, first, because I am convinced that great cities someday will 
gleam on that fertile subcontinent. With a climate much like that of 
Miami Beach, with malaria and other tropical diseases now conquerable, 
this virgin island could support 100,000,000 people. It is now principally 
occupied by 100,000 natives. By agreement with Australia for the eastern 
end or with the Netherlands for the western end of the island, we could 
establish a protectorate and an eight-year settlement program, leading up 
to independence for a new Jewish nation. 

This plan would not please the Communists and Political Zionists; it 
would make the Freiheit planners and their Moscow mentors burst a blood 
vessel. Dr. Rabinowitch shamed the Political Zionists for refusing to 
allow homeless Jews to accept Australia's offer to settle in that country. 
But must we ask them how to run our domestic and foreign policy? Rather, 
must we keep on asking them? Such a plan would take the propaganda- 
torn, hungry and homeless Jews of the world out of the hands of such 
plotters and give them a new life. 

8. Bar known pro-Communists from positions where they may fan 
the flames of Revolution — the press, the radio, movie production studios, 
above all, labor unions. Doubtless a law outlawing Communist activities 
would cover this requirement. 

9. Break up the labor monopolies (the closed shop and industry-wide 
bargaining) now, while we are at peace and while the people, including 
more than half of the industrial workers themselves, are demanding indi- 
vidual freedom and individual responsibility in the field of competition. 

Labor unions have reached a position of terrible power, just as Marx 
predicted they would. Now both Marxist and the non-Marxist union 
heads are talking about unifying their forces and they are threatening 
Congress with talk that any weakening of the pro-union laws will drive 
labor into the Red camp. The union bosses have effective propaganda 
power with which to drive labor leftward, and many of the propaganda 
machines are in the hands of leftists. 

If we surrender now, the Marxists 'will consolidate and take over more 
and more union power, biding their time. Catching us in an economic crisis 
or threatened with war, they will refuse to let their membership produce 
the goods needed to save us — unless we completely sell out to them. 


It "was like that in France in the late 1930s. There the Marxist unions 
and the fellow-traveling politicos and propagandists, under the Moscow in- 
spiration, sneered at nationalism, or patriotism, so that France was lost 
before Hitler fired a shot. 

But there is much that we may and must do without waiting for 
Congress. We can encourage self-reliance as opposed to state paternalism. 
We can check into our local school systems to see that Red indoctrination 
is not going on there. We can encourage the revival of character-building 
biographies; we can insist on a revival of pride in the historic rise of West- 
ern peoples — including Anglo-Saxons, the watchdogs of freedom — from 
serfdom to self-reliance. In short, we should dig up Horatio Alger, 

And, whatever else we do, we must take our children and young peo- 
ple back to the churches. 

January 31, 1947 


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