Monday, May 25, 2015

The SPLC "Lone Wolf" Phenomenon

Once upon a time there was a republic called the United States of America which had had its share of problems, such as the monstrous Civil War, but which was soon to get a lot more problems thanks to the same group that had helped prompt the Civil War. It was a land of milk and honey, with a slavery problem created by Jews. These same Jews then blamed the slave problem on the whites, taking over publishing companies and Hollywood and corrupt politicians in order to propagate this myth. Later, Leon Trotsky invented the term "racism" in order to get non-whites to hate whites, and this collectivist idea of an equality not based on facts soon enough filtered its way into American consciousness until we wound up with Detroit-itis spreading everywhere.

Mostly, the whites went along peacefully with these adjustments, deadly in the long term as they were. This was propelled by endless election and war propaganda, entertainment, wage slavery, the IRS, and especially Jewish conspiracies. As informed by their Protocols, the Jews made sure to remind everyone of the failures of the whites, while insisting any recollection of their saving graces was racism. Playing "keep away" with facts is a favorite pastime among the Jew. And, thanks largely to this, most of the whites forgot that the USA was founded by whites, for whites, and of the whites.

And so the SPLC was born, an outfit created to continue this disgusting tradition of enforced societal decay. Since people preferred security to freedom, soon enough they had little of either. But the less security they had, the more they clung to it, like the proverbial monkey with its hand stuck inside a coconut because it won't let got of the prize within. If only they had remembered the lesson of Cracker Jacks, but alas.

And so, the SPLC, created by Jews, and funded by white guilt promoted by Jews, was used by the Jews to brown the white race out of existence. Always there was the call for more wars, more debt, more immigration, more welfare, and more tolerance. But, despite all these idiotic yowling voices of death, some people had the nerve to insist that the white race had the right to survive, and that Christian values had the right to be maintained. 

So the SPLC called them names, like "hate groups", and then blamed the organizations for all kinds of evils, while the Jewish media helped to hammer home the impression in the public that the mere existence of these pro-life and pro-white groups was responsible for crimes like the "lone wolf" phenomenon.

According to the SPLC's definition, the "lone wolf" is some loser who is shockingly European who blames his lack of success on multiple Jewish organizations that lack "hate group" status, immigrants getting free stuff with his tax dollars, Affirmative Action making getting a job more difficult, Jewish usury putting him into massive debt, and the Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood constantly bashing the white race. This "lone wolf" happens to have a point. But when he goes and offs some bloated kike, the Jew media agents go wild with the story, blaming it on every single pro-white organization because it so happens the "lone wolf" visited one of their websites once. This isn't because they actually care about the dead kike, but to protect themselves from similar de-kikings.

However, there is another kind of "lone wolf". The "collectivist lone wolf" who regularly read SPLC anti-white, Anti-Christ, propaganda and then decides to attack with a gun, although sometimes failing miserably to carry out their mission of SPLC murder love, as did Floyd Lee Corkins, II.

Not only was Corkins a visitor to the SPLC website, but it provided him directions to his target on their handy dandy Hate Map, where hate-filled leftists map out their revenge on the superior white race and their religion, despite being fags, kikes, or mongrels who should leave America or learn their place.

The Jew media has a long history of siccing the lesser races on the white man. In Jew Geraldo Rivera's talk show a flagrant example of this can be seen, where a big Uncle Tom is told to attack whites, and then the whole thing gets blamed on whites, and then everyone is told to feel the love. This negro-baiting by the Jews has been perfected and brought up to the level of high kike art, as seen in Ferguson and Baltimore, where Jew operatives such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both Prince Hall Freemasons, or a black mayor who called for letting rioters have a space to destroy, shows that the Race War is already underway. 

But, so far, whites haven't struck back.

Meanwhile, the DHS, which is run by an anti-white suspiciously Jewey black named Jeh Johnson, who looks a little Eisenhower (who had a black mom and tortured and killed German POWs),  and they list many of the same groups the SPLC does, and they bought all those hollowpoints for a reason.

Just saying.

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