Saturday, May 30, 2015 Needs Money, Under Jew Assault

Rebel site, Trutube and my JdN website all facing imminent shutdown

The closer I'm getting to the 1 June deadline, the more upset I get. I could be earning some A$200,000 per year, the kind of package I was on before joining the fight against the JWO, 9.5 years ago. Seriously, who and what am I putting those 80-100 hours in for per week, unpaid, and can't even get in the $1000-$1200 of I.T. related expenses, leave alone some financial recognition for myself.
I'm ready. I have already taken and downloaded a full cpanel backup. If I don't get the money in on time, I'm not going to bag the hosting company again for an extension. I'll let it all go.
Why would I further deprive my family of my potential income? Even if I was driving taxis or buses or was on a minimum salary at MacDonalds or IKEA they would be far better off. Not only would I have heaps more time to spend with my family, there would also be heaps more money to spend.
I'm sick of it. It's so demeaning. The Rebel is a bloody good site. It stands out in the crowd. I'm not going to dig into my humble family budget and further deprive my loved ones, so that 150,000 - 200,000 unique readers per month can continue to read my site for free. With a husband and father with my kind of education, skills and experience, they deserve a far better life.
So I'll promise to all of you, this is your last chance. Either, the funds come in by 1 June, or I'm personally going to pull the plug. I'm not even going to wait for the hosting company to suspend the account.

I saw Mike yesterday. He is quietly outraged, and saying he 100% is going to let Trutube close.
He said "Why should we deprive our children of what they need so others can watch for free and never send a dime?"

..... And they should shut down!

You cannot send the Rebel, Mike Delaney or me five lousy bucks.
That is bullshit and you know it.
Btw, my site will go down too,
because the Rebel hosts me, and all my videos because TruTube hosts them. (YouTube deletes them if they become viral.)  Look: all my videos are on Trutube:
This what you want.

.....Just to waste my time

paypal-logo31/4 of 1% donate, the rest mooch.
So enjoy being holocausted and hellstormed. the Jews can't wait. Don't say WE did not warn you.


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As of Monday, goodbye.

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