Monday, May 4, 2015

Eisenhower had Jewish Blood

West Point yearbook
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West Point was very conscious of any ' Non-White' candidates. It was obvious from Eisenhower's appearance that he was carrying another race's blood. The headmaster quizzed him and he admitted he had Jewish ancestors
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wpe101.jpg (4008 bytes) Bernard Baruch was behind Eisenhower They found an Army officer who had been a military failure until Bernard Baruch promoted him to General, and who in 1945 should have been able to hope for nothing better than that he could escape a court martial and thus avoid being cashiered, if he could prove that all the atrocities and all the sabotage of American interests of which he had been guilty in Europe had been carried out over his protest and under categorical orders from the President.
In 1952, although he had been a Democrat most of his life, Baruch endorsed Dwight D. Eisenhower for president.
Eisenhower flaunts his mistress

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