Thursday, June 18, 2015

Zionist-Occupied Government Preparing to Kill Patriots

By Mel Goyson

After it was revealed that the Waco Twin Peaks biker incident was staged by Stephen "Bowtie" Stubbs, a pretty safe assumption to begin with, it would appear the game is continuing to be stepped up.

This is hardly surprising, as it has achieved a good deal of momentum already. The Jewish media used the George Zimmerman case as kindling, hit the bellows on the Ferguson fiasco, and totally jumped the mudshark with the Baltimore banana-eater bonanza. It turned out Big Kike George Soros put a lot of money into helping chimpouts out chimp former chimpouts. A pattern similar to what occurred in the Ukraine may soon begin to fall into place.

Now comes a church attack in Charleston, South Carolina, with the Jew media quick to associate it with "hate groups."  Meanwhile, the Jew York Times puts out a story about how cops, trained in Israel no doubt, are more concerned about "right wing extremists" than the Muslim terrorists, many of whom were trained by the FBI, incited to plan terrorism, and then arrested in order to show the efficacy of the FBI. One has to wonder just how this church attack was propelled.

The all switcheroo is underway--turning patriots into terrorists, and terrorists into patriots, all an extension of the dream of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to replace all whites with blacks and mongrels in Europe and the United States.

The DHS long ago used the SPLC for recommendations as to whom to target, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this was the purpose of the DHS all along--to serve as a sort of NKVD for the United States, protecting Jews from the whites they are seeking to exploit and destroy.

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