Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bernie Sanders Denies His Israeli Citizenship

Bernie Sanders: The Kike Who Would Be King of Conquered America
By Mel Goyson

Just when you thought you had a country, it turns out a citizen of Israel wants to be President.

Bernie Sanders was innocently minding his business of taking over the goyim of the USA, when he found himself on NPR. Diane Rehm, who has won multiple journalism awards, apparently saw a meme floating around and decided to ask Sanders if it were true he was an Israeli citizen, which caused his hair to go Einstein and for the entire media network of world Jewry to convulse in horror.

NPR, a commie Jew propaganda operation, has already run the story insisting that the commie kike isn't a dual citizen. Then about 800 other Jewish run operations ran the same story, laying the claim that Bernie Sanders is a citizen of Israel to rest once and for all, finally.

However, the ADL demanded Rehm's head on a platter and for Mary Phagan to be dug up and her corpse tested for "negro DNA traces."

"Lampshades and soap, and now this," said Abe Foxman. "Will it never end? And, watch out, we make the money!"

Apparently, Diane Rehm, the NPR host, found a list on the internet of dual citizen Israeli-Americans in congress and decided it was good and "accused" Bernie Sanders of the lowest thing imaginable: Israeli Citizenship.

Even Israeli newspapers were outraged that an American citizen, like Bernie Sanders, who had volunteered for kibbutz in Israel, would be accused of such a lowly thing like Israeli citizenship. And by their own controlled host, Diane Rehm! Here was a Jew who had spent time in Israel back in 1963, before the 1967, when such a thing was quite uncommon, too.

Also, according to the law of return, well, Sanders is a dual Israeli-American citizen, but never mind that, because Diane Rehm is antisemitic!

Diane Rehm was not asked to step down from her position, and received a Swiss chalet.

Bernie Sanders went on to say, "Yeah, fuck Israel. Did the corporations make you say that, Diane? Or perhaps it was white privilege? Hmm? Yeah, I thought so. This just proves that even the best of the goyim must be killed."

Zionist-controlled Wikipedia immediately threw this together:

Bernie Sanders interview

On June 10, 2015, Rehm interviewed 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate and United States Senator Bernie Sanders and said to Sanders, "Senator, you have dual citizenship with Israel."[11][12][13][14] Sanders stated that her statement was simply not true.[11][12][13][14] Rehm responded to Sanders denial by saying, "I understand from a list we have gotten that you were on that list."[11][12][13][14] Once again, Sanders stated that he is an American and only an American.[11][12][13][14] Sanders indicated that he was offended by the assumption.[12][13] Rehm's statements were criticized by David Harsanyi in The Federalist for being an anti-Semitic smear, when someone assumes that a Jewish person is a dual citizen with Israel, to chill speech and question the Jewish person's allegiance to America.[11] Sophia Tesfaye of Salon pointed out that Rehm apparently fell for an Antisemitic canard and did not successfully fact-check her information before she conducted her interview with Sanders.[13] In The Times of Israel, Gedalyah Reback stated that the interview was controversial because Rehm seemed to have accused a Jewish presidential candidate of maintaining secret Israeli citizenship.[14]
Rehm apologized for her exchange with Sanders in a statement released later that day. “On today’s show I made a mistake. Rather than asking if Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders whether he had dual U.S./Israeli citizenship, as I had read in a comment on Facebook, I stated it as fact. I want to apologize as well to all our listeners for having made an erroneous statement. I am sorry for the mistake. However, I am glad to play a role in putting this rumor to rest.”[15]

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