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GERMAN CRISIS - MK - ULTRA - boy shoots 9 in Black Church - The US Jewish state wants to disarm white finish and freedom of expression

MK- ULTRA maximum ..... ! Blonder Killer Presents Nine Nice Blacks to - " Disarm therefore the whites , at least those who are right ! "
There is not the slightest doubt , can that behind this nasty murders , where eight innocent Christian Schwarze and her pastor were killed , only the Jewish state stands . Cui Bono ? in Latin : who benefits ? Since the day of the Emperor Augustus , the police asks for any crime : " Who took advantage of this fact, the beneficiaries was the exporter or Hintermann ? . "
This outrage is only useful for the Jews , the race war and martial law to ensure that all right-wing whites to be arrested en masse and in the FEMA camps to murder ( the Gulag ) ! The fateful hour has struck !
Three giant empires fought Hitler's Germany : the USA , the USSR and the British Empire . Only the United States still exist ! Now it comes to the demise of the last Grand henchman of Judaism and the last major enemy of the German nation !
... False Flag Error !
Ouch , the murder message from Charleston was accidentally given already on June 16 , a day prior to the attack against the 17th 21h !
Screen snapshot of the MIR engine Yahoo to " shooting in Church in Charleston , South Carolina "
( A Swedish woman named Lena told me the first on Facebook . )
fp... It was the same with the Kennedy assassination ?
l - fletcher - proutyL . Fletcher Prouty , a former US Air Force Colonel and supreme head of the commando operations under President Kennedyy , was visiting New Zealand , and was astonished to read in the headlines of the major newspapers of the host country the news of the Kennedy assassination , as its supreme commander , Kennedy ( the secret enemy of the Jews and admirer of Hitler was ) still totally alive ! ( A quarter down to " Series of Kennedy murders " scroll down ) The news was released a day early! ( In the Pacific, all is 8-12 hours later than in the VSA , or the next day . ) By this Prouty saw that the Kennedy assassination had been prepared long beforehand , later became a whistleblower against the " NWO " . I learned Prouty 1993 know in Washington .
... ..Südkarolina : Quintessential southern state

Charleston , South Carolina - cotton, tobacco , and a lot of Negro .

The half- German-born Dylan Roof ( mother's maiden name " man " ) has been known for terrible and idiotic act .

No real white nationally but only a MK - ULTRA - zombie would ever devout
 in most pathetic cowardice and self-possession , killing nonviolent Negroes
 church during Bible study . Those are rather staid and nice black ! 
( And unfortunately, are not the majority ... )

If anything, would have a white gunman with a bit more rational 
drug dealers or others, beat the whites, rape or murder, killed! 
Here Spanking blacks in Baltimore completely innocent white. The 
whole race disquiet was based on nothing.
 A drug Negroes died in police custody, but it arresting cops were also black,
 just like the mayor and the police commissioner and 48% of police officers 
the city Negroes are! There was no police brutality exists. Drug Negro ran
 before the bulls away, even though he just had a severe spinal cord surgery 
behind him. He was injured severely when jumping and falling, was paralyzed 
by then died of asphyxiation because the cops to give them enough acquaintances
 felon did not believe his breathing. Nevertheless anger broke out against all white! 
The Obama government incited the negroes daily and hourly, openly and secretly, 
and with HAARP and chemtrails, the frequencies of the Negro brain is pumped up.)
In the film, almost all blacks are cool , sexy and intelligent, 
but Dylann Roof is on any photo of the US press lies a fair-haired ,
 bright-eyed Aryan killer , all the way to Hollywood tastes . Here 
burns the evil racist US flag .... (which no real White National US ever did ,
 either out of conviction or from tactics , let alone of tactics ! )

The Nordic murder Nazi holds Zombiefied the Südstaatlerfahne the
 pro-slavery states 1861-65

Charleston is / was a highly civilized Southerners City on the Atlantic. But
 here began the freemasonry and the klaverei and here was a large nest of 
Sephardic Jews who promoted slavery in America , gegne resistance Vierle
 White INM 17th century , and it was filthy rich .

Eine Southern Oak ("Südeiche")
The revolt of the Southerners against the US government in Washington
 began in 1861 n South Carolina .

Founding Father and President of the VSA Thomas Jefferson , who owned
 200 black slaves : " The negro we have a wolf by the ears ; 
we can keep him Vedas still let go. "

The large and brilliant general of the rebellious southern states , 
Robert E. Lee [ Ölportät down as a young lieutenant in the US Army ] ,
 wrote in letters to his wife from the Burger War front that blacks
 must either remain enslaved or would return to Africa ; never they
 would be suitable as a free citizen of the technically advanced VS 
Society . Lee , Jefferson and other sizes prophesied a radical 
race war in America's future ( " the perfect downfall either one
 or the other race as the final result " - Jefferson ) , if the
 Negro problem would not thoroughly solved .
President Jefferson , and 60 years later , President Abraham Lincoln 
( below) the blacks wanted to liberate 1 ) and 2 ) to return to Africa .
 Lincoln was not a do-gooder or friend of the Negroes , they still held 
for people who have feelings and fundamental rights , which remain would
 cause in the white VSA but serious problems .

Lincoln was nachg Zerschlsgung of Südstaatleraufstandes murdered in
 1865 by the famous Jewish actor Booth , allegedly because he was
 " vindictive Southerner " was . Actually wanted Booths Talmudic backers 
after the defeat , the reconnection of the South and the liberation
 of the Negro slaves as next return by sending Lincoln nachg his native
 Africa prevent . The Jews wanted instead the mixing of white and
 black race to create a chaotic race servant .


.....Ziel des Attentats von Charleston

Aus alles Weißen Verbrecher zu machen!
Und besonders aus weißen Waffenbesitzern!
Ein "Redneck" (Rothals" -- Landweißer mit Sonnenbraüne) 
But even the most educated people have weapons .

The petite grandmother , and rightly so in this siege and Verne
 vermexikaniserten land ! One hundred white women are raped on
 the day of Negroes ! But do not determine ! 😉
And certainly from the " White Nationalists " = White National ! These ,
 including half of Nazi admirer , keep America a white country , not an
 immigration country for the Third World , and the blacks were
 from Africa and the Jews to Jupiter !
..... Now what is at stake

What distinguishes America from every other white countries ( outside of Russia ) ,
 which since 1789 are sanctified by the US Constitution double rights on 1 )
 freedom of expression and 2 ) private firearms .

If both now cease , and the media propaganda is huge , and the whites ,
 now only 50% of the VSA , the genocide of the whites of the VSA starts .

But then disappear all sites with national content in Europe , Canada ,
 and Australia , which are hosted on US servers !

Thus, the decisive hour for the white race aufr the world has come.
..... Soon I register all Aryans with the message !


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