Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ursula Haverbeck, Holohoax Denier, Has Her Home Raided by Serpent Seed Thought Police

Ursula Haverbeck, a lovely old lady who dared to tell the truth on German TV, has had her home raided by the German thought police. She has said she has never found any evidence of the use of gas chambers by Adolf Hitler. This was also the findings of many other scholars and authorities.

The questioning of the Holohoax fantasy is against the law in European countries.

Here's a bad translated version of the German article--

House search at Holocaust (Denier?) Ursula Haverbeck in Vlotho

The Bielefeld public prosecutor's already against the neo-Nazi figurehead Ursula Haverbeck sedition. Now comes yet another method to: Investigators of the State Office of Criminal Investigation Lower Saxony, supported by officials from Herford, have searched the apartments at the Vlothoerin and other three accused.

In the investigation it go also to sedition in connection with a publication in the journal The Voice of the Empire, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office Verden. In the past, the local prosecutor's office had investigated in charge of the magazine.

In the current process was extensive material during searches in Vlotho, Verden, Kerpen, Regensburg and Baden-Württemberg has been ensured - including the current issue of the journal. The material must now be examined.

The 86-year-old Ursula Haverbeck busy for years because of the denial of the Holocaust West German investigative authorities and courts and has therefore already been sentenced.

The Collegium, founded by her husband Humanum in Vlotho was used to ban by the Minister of the Interior in 2008 as a neo-Nazi training center.

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